Dear Conservatives: Embrace the Designation of "Phobia"

The predictable reaction from the Left after the knife attack at a mall in Minnesota on Saturday night was their plea to reject “Islamophobia”. Never mind that the now-deceased attacker mentioned Allah before stabbing innocent strangers. Never mind that ISIS said he was a “soldier of the Islamic state”. Don’t be cautious and questioning, general public. That’s not progressive of you.

Also on Saturday evening, in NYC, IEDs detonated causing injuries to 29 people. On Monday morning, Ahmad Khan Rahami, a suspect in the bombings, was taken into custody after a shootout with police. Rahami’s father is from Afghanistan, Ahmad was born there, and had traveled there since moving to the U.S. According to The Telegraph:


…authorities were investigating on Monday night whether the New York bomb attacks were an Islamist terror plot as it emerged the alleged perpetrator had travelled to Afghanistan multiple times and returned showing signs of radicalisation.

It’s safe to say that the terrorism which occurred in NYC (and New Jersey) looks very much like Islamic terrorism.

The best that liberals can do in situations like what was seen in Minnesota, NYC, or even in the ongoing discussion about transgenderism, is to charge their opponents with having a corresponding phobia. This is meant to cloak the recipient with shame for holding such a view.

My recommendation? Embrace the accusation that you’re filled to the brim with anti-progressive phobias.

The Left’s foundation for everything is feelings, so it follows that their attacks against others would be based solely on that. You notice a vast majority of terrorism is connected to radical Islam, and believe we should be diligent and cautious as a result? It’s clear you just hate Muslims. You believe biological building blocks determine sex and gender, and someone feeling they were born in the wrong body is a mental issue, not a physical one? Well, you just hate all those transgender people hiding out in bathrooms.

I firmly believe that others should be judged based on their individual actions. However, we should also keep in mind the larger societal context, and weigh things accordingly.

If your point-of-view differs from that of progressives, you will be labeled a fear-monger. Those who don’t believe babies in the womb should be slaughtered are anti-choice. Individuals who voted for the Brexit in the U.K. are xenophobic. The “phobia” list goes on and on.

Instead of wringing our hands as we ponder how to right their wrong designation of us, just let it be. To them, disagreement – or even vigilance, scientific fact, and sanctity of life – is the same as hate, so get used to it.

While liberals dissect conservative “hate” from their safe spaces, our enemies enjoy the fact that America is more focused on preventing “phobias” than preventing attacks.


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