Dr. James Dobson Is Supporting Trump For The Most Bizarre Reason Possible

Christian evangelical leader James Dobson listens as President Bush, not pictured, addresses the National Religious Broadcasters 2008 Convention, Tuesday, March 11, 2008, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

If this election cycle has done one thing, it has revealed people’s true colors.

Among the worst of these has been the Evangelical slobbering over Trump. Although he greatly lacks in the character and genuine faith department, well-known Christian leaders have rallied around him for one reason alone: he isn’t Hillary Clinton.

At the end of June, Dr. James Dobson announced that Trump was in fact a born-again Christian, as Susan Wright discussed here. It was a miracle. The Republican nominee wasn’t Hillary and announced he loved Jesus? The GOP nominee was finally looking holy. The news must have settled some nervous souls. A few days later, though, Dobson backtracked and made it clear that Trump’s conversion story could not be confirmed, as Leon Wolf wrote here. The chosen one wasn’t looking so great.

Since then, Dobson has been quiet regarding the election. That is, until his recent interview with Christianity Today about his decision to support Trump. As you may have guessed, his answers are chock-full of excuses, many of which are the same as those from your regular Branch Trumpidian.

I liked that he promised us emphatically that he will work to protect our religious liberties. He has since released a list of potential Supreme Court nominees that is stellar. We must pray that, if elected, he will keep his word.

The Supreme Court argument is a popular one among the Trump camp. Yes, SCOTUS is of extreme importance, but there is absolutely no proof that Trump would keep his word. Have you seen him this election cycle? He has flip-flopped on the abortion issue more than once. He went back-and-forth on his plans for dealing with illegal immigration. He declared transparency regarding his medical history, and then cancelled. What about Trump makes anyone, Dobson included, think that he’ll keep his word?

Dobson, like many others, is obsessed with the idea that this election is a binary choice.

Last week, I had an appointment with an ophthalmologist for a routine eye exam. A technician pressed a metal device against my face. I looked through two holes and saw a short line of type. She then asked, “Is this good?” Then, after changing the lens, she asked, “Is this better?” I was given only two choices: number one or number two.

Evangelical leaders just won’t accept that many of us are choosing to leave the clinic altogether and actively reject both official options.

But most bizarre of all for supporting Donald Trump was Dr. Dobson’s reasoning below, emphasis mine.

If Trump turns out to be an incorrigible demagogue, we can hope he will be reined in by the political process. There are checks and balances in our system of government.

This is the equivalent of throwing everything against the wall and hoping something will stick. Pro-Trump Evangelicals spend their time excusing Trump’s behavior, and working to convince us of his goodness, only to admit that he may be the worst ever. No worries, though, our government processes will keep him from doing real harm. If that is the best reason they have to be pro-Trump, why not just vote for Clinton?

Trump has shown us that he doesn’t care about following the rules. He didn’t follow the rules to get where he is now as the GOP nominee. What makes Dobson believe he will in the future? He is already an incorrigible demagogue and winning the presidency will make him even more drunk with power. We know exactly what Hillary Clinton would do as president. No one, Dr. Dobson included, knows what Trump will do, and to me that is more frightening.

The preoccupation with choosing the (R) candidate only because of the (R) next to their name is one of the reasons we have Trump today. Evangelicals and non-religious Republicans alike need to begin thinking critically about those they support, or Trump will just be the beginning of a new age of anointed hucksterism.



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