If It's President Hillary, Trump Deserves Some Blame When She Expands Pro-Abort Funding

If there’s one word I would never use to describe Hillary Clinton, it’s “champion” for anything good and decent. However, that’s the word the pro-abort Left uses in defining the candidate they know will carry the bloodthirsty banner of abortion.


The GOP decided to nominate the juvenile joke known as Trump whose chances against Clinton are slim. So please, thank Trump and his supporters for some of the upcoming doom.

recent interview with Stephanie Schriock, a harpy from Emily’s List, the organization which works to get pro-abort Democratic female candidates into office, reveals Clinton’s goals.

The Clinton Campaign has been a champion of Planned Parenthood. She wants to get us out of the conversation of defending Planned Parenthood and actually has said we should expand Planned Parenthood in this country. That would mean so much for millions and millions of women across the country.

She also has talked about getting rid of the Hyde Amendment, which prevents any federal dollars going to access to abortion for women in this country. We need to have a debate about this and we haven’t had a debate in this country for a very long time. The ability to choose when you’re going to have a family and how you’re going to have a family is at the centerpiece of not just economic success but just happiness and success in this country and if women and their families — their partners or their husbands — don’t have the ability to make a full range of choices, then we are holding that family back.


Women’s healthcare is already quite accessible. Furthermore, the majority of women go elsewhere to get regular medical care anyway, so Planned Parenthood is absolutely unnecessary. Though Trump said the abortion giant has done good work, any organization which includes violent life-ending procedures in their daily routine has lost any claim to being helpful. Hillary would like to expand their funding. This is after we’ve seen the videos from The Center for Medical Progress showing PP’s abominable practices involving the sale of aborted baby’s body parts.

On top of that is Clinton’s desire to do away with the Hyde Amendment, the provision which keeps federal funds from going to abortion other than those for rape (still murder), incest (still murder), and life of the mother (extremely rare). Under a Hillary Clinton presidency, abortion would be government-funded at an alarming rate.

Why do I say “thank Trump”? Because this side of the aisle had a chance to take back the White House this election. Republican voters couldn’t choose a serious contender this cycle, and, among other things, that will usher in a new era of abortion access. Instead of selecting someone like Ted Cruz, who would have a better chance at beating Clinton at the polls and who makes Planned Parenthood shake in their bloody boots, the GOP chose Trump.


I wish I could vote for the (R) nominee, but I can’t. He does not represent me, my beliefs, or conservatism as large. His selection will, I believe, open the door up for Hillary Clinton to be president. Among many other things, she will usher in a new era of devastating and life-ending abortion funding and access.


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