"Men" Having Babies: Will The Transgender Movement Leave Anything Unspoiled?

Nothing surprises me anymore in a society which focuses on feelings and not facts.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the transgender movement is the “it” thing right now. Biological fact doesn’t mean much of anything to the Left (see: abortion), so they feel comfortable moving into any arena and announcing they own it. Their latest, noticeable hijack has to do with pregnancy. Women who are biologically female, but feel male, get pregnant…and bam! The transgender community announces that “men are pregnant” and “men are giving birth to children”. News flash: if you’re pregnant or gave birth, you’re not a male.


This week, TIME magazine decided to once again jump on the “transgender is the new black” bandwagon and publish the following piece.

Yes, that is a bearded, masculine female breastfeeding her child. However, the article will glowingly and passionately tell you it’s a man “chest-feeding” his child. Besides abortion, I can think of nothing so offensive to the Creator as spitting upon what you’ve been given biologically just to soothe your feelings.

The author of the piece is just as delusional as her sister, who she claims is a male, and states that the transgender movement seeks to move seamlessly into normalcy.

Now that gay marriage is legal, the social battleground has shifted to new frontiers, frontiers that include the most private aspects of people’s lives. Transgender Americans have gained greater visibility and acceptance as stars like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have trained a pop-culture spotlight on trans issues. Corporate leaders across the Fortune 500 have moved to protect their transgender employees. And in May, the Obama Administration declared that all public schools must treat students equally regardless of their gender identity, classifying inner feelings of maleness and femaleness as protected by the government. We have come to the point where the President of the United States can candidly and comfortably discuss gender fluidity.


Most odd about the female-trying-to-turn-male-who-wants-to-get-pregnant thing is the yearning for that which, essentially, said person is working to reject. If you “dismiss” yourself as a biological female, why work toward the privilege of pregnancy? This new reality is one we’ll continue to see as lines are blurred and feelings considered above everything else.

The author ends the piece in a way which one again confirms that she misses the point entirely:

At night, my brother will watch his son lift a tiny fist above his head as he sleeps and know what all parents know: this baby is a miracle.

Yes, each baby is a miracle! Her sister, who believes herself to be male, is one of those miracles and wasn’t born in the wrong body. Such mental anguish must be heartbreaking, but it should push us who view it to highlight the truth more than cower to societal peer pressure. If we don’t, a new generation of children will be exposed to dangerous ideas about their inherent worth, and the cycle will continue.

Ultimately, transgenderism is a mental issue, not a physical one. I have much compassion for those going through such turmoil, but I cannot and will not join in their delusion just to keep the peace.



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