In The Age Of Hillary And Trump, Is Confusion Over Orlando So Surprising?

As the terror in Orlando and elsewhere has shown us, we live in dangerous, chaotic times. Those seeking to harm us will find a way to do just that. The hatred for America and its inhabitants runs deep in evil hearts, and laws cannot and will not change that.

Tumult has made it apparent that strong leadership from the White House down is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, voters this election cycle have chosen Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the final two candidates to be considered for the position. This is disheartening as well as frightening since neither is qualified to run the country. Their responses to the recent terror attack show that.

Hillary Clinton

Bill’s wife reacted to Sunday morning’s act of terrorism by using the usual Leftist talking points. As FOX News reports:

Monday, the presumptive Democratic nominee labeled the radical Islamic terrorist who attacked an Orlando nightclub “A madman filled with hate, with guns in his hands and just a horrible sense of vengeance and vindictiveness in his heart, apparently consumed by rage against LGBT Americans – and by extension, the openness and diversity that defines our American way of life.”

The problem is, it’s so much more than that. Omar Mateen wasn’t just some right-wing anti-LGBT crusader who didn’t like the gays, as the Left would have you believe. He had pledged allegiance to ISIS and praised the Boston Marathon bombers during a call minutes into the attack. In fact, it’s reported that Mateen had not only frequented the Pulse nightclub, but was a gay man himself. (This is relevant because it destroys the argument that Mateen killed the innocent in Orlando because of LGBT hatred.) If Mateen, who was gay, desired to hurt the “anti-gay” crowd for ridiculing him and pushing him over the edge, he wouldn’t have massacred people at a gay bar. But he did, because his motivations were of the radical Islamist variety.

Since her original response, Hillary Clinton has changed tune only slightly. As CNN reports:

Hillary Clinton said Monday she’s not afraid to say “radical” Islam as she countered attacks from Donald Trump that she’s too politically correct to use the phrase.

“From my perspective, it matters what we do more than what we say,” Clinton said on CNN’s “New Day.”

No, Hillary, it matters a great deal what we choose to say. When we fail to call out radical Islam as our collective enemy, it allows them more power and influence. If the blame is placed elsewhere, and onto individuals in society who have nothing to do with terror acts, the freedom and ease with which terrorists can grow and network increases.

Donald Trump

The GOP’s choice for 2016 didn’t fare much better in his response to the latest terror incident. Arrogance is a huge problem for Donald, and he’ll use any opportunity to let you know that he believes himself to be amazing. His tweet response to the carnage said as much.

Donald believes he is the first person to place blame on radical Islam for the terrorism our county has experienced in the past 15+ years. It’s the same thing with immigration. Trump is sure he was the first political type to address the issue. He would be wrong. Trump desires to be seen as a fighter, but comes as an arrogant clown with no clue of how to address issues at hand. This was apparent in another tweet from Trump indicating he would be meeting with the NRA on Wednesday to discuss banning the sale of guns to people who have been placed on watch lists and no fly lists.

As Leon Wolf pointed out earlier, this is complete nonsense. Trump is essentially saying he wants the government to decide who should be on these lists with no clear criteria for inclusion or removal. That is a very dangerous idea, and, as has been said, should absolutely bother those who support the 2nd Amendment.

It is hardly surprising that there is confusion surrounding both the cause of the Orlando massacre and the response to it. A majority of the voters in each party are actively supporting either Hillary or Trump, both of whom are delusional about aspects of Sunday’s horrific attack.

Without clarity and common sense from the presumptive nominees, the same confusion is trickling down into the electoral masses.