(VIDEO) Trump Spokeswoman: But He'll Be Courteous to World Leaders!

Katrina Pierson, Trump’s chief talking head, is always amusing. Imagine being tasked with defending an unstable, juvenile, lying, superficial boss like she has? For Pierson, though, it comes easily, as she is ridiculous herself.


On CNN‘s “New Day” show Wednesday morning, Ms. Pierson blasted the media for their terrible treatment of Donald. I mean, he’s had it so rough with their tough questions about donations to Veterans groups, most of which were finally disbursed only after media scrutiny, or the disastrous Trump University, a real estate “school” which scammed thousands, and is currently in the midst of lawsuits. Such behavior speaks to the character of a candidate. Trump’s inability to act as a truth-telling grownup from the start, or apologize for past offenses, says much about him. Remember, though, this is the guy who said he’s never had to ask God for forgiveness.

Here’s Katrina Pierson telling the host that despite Donald’s interactions with the super harsh and unfair media, Trump’s dealings with other people would be gentle and warm.

Trump would not talk to a room of colleagues in that way, national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said on CNN’s “New Day,” “because they are not treating him the way the media is doing to him today.”

“It’s quite obvious that of course when Mr. Trump is in a boardroom with peers and colleagues he’s not talking to them the way he’s talking to the media,” Pierson said, after the candidate’s combative news conference on Tuesday in which he accounted for the millions he claimed to have raised for veterans charities while excoriating the media for pressing him to do so.

Echoing the candidate himself, Pierson said Trump is a “counterpuncher” and “it’s all about give and take.”

“If there is a foreign leader that sits down with Mr. Trump to have a discussion, chances are they are not going to be saying the same things in public they are saying in private either.”


The excuse of acting like an insufferable child because the media is treating said candidate a certain way is weak in itself. I expect my presidential candidate to act presidential, and to react to falsehoods with truth and poise. But the issues and “treatment” the Trump campaign wrings its hands over aren’t even falsehoods! Donald Trump has been caught in more than one lie, and tries to cover it up with either fake humility, excuses, or insults. And remember, this is the same media that gives him wall-to-wall coverage week in and week out. He owes some of his popularity to them.

Yes, I want a president who is tough in dealing with foreign leaders, but that’s not Donald Trump. Bluster and bellicosity is not the same as leadership. Scale it back from the world’s stage for a moment. Trump cannot even handle answering questions posed by the American media about donations to American groups or a program he had his name on. Yet he seeks our vote for president? No thanks.

I don’t buy for one minute that an international Trump would behave better – and more presidential – than a domestic Trump. In fact, it would be worse. If he won the White House, he would be even more drunk with arrogance and power than he is right now. He is unable to discuss simple topics and inquiries in debates, press conferences, or interviews with anyone but his lapdog Sean Hannity. This shows, along with many other factors, that he is wholly unfit for the Oval Office.



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