Pro-Aborts To Spend $30 Million This Election, But Trump Isn't Biggest Threat

It’s no surprise that Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, is planning on spending approximately $30 million this election cycle. Not only do they want to get their girl Hillary into the Oval Office, but they are focusing on individual states as well.


Bloodthirsty pro-aborts shared their feelings about Donald Trump at the “Power of Pink” Planned Parenthood event this past weekend, as Huffington Post reports:

“Asshole,” “racist,” “chauvinist,” “dangerous,” “unqualified” and “pendejo“ were all words Planned Parenthood volunteers used when asked to share their thoughts about Trump.

“He says in the same breath that he loves Planned Parenthood, we do great work and at the same time vows to defund us because we provide abortion access. That’s no friend of ours,” said Deirdre Schifeling, who leads the group’s national organizing and electoral work.

Donald Trump is not only considered a racist, insulting jerk by many, but he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. This is something pro-life groups and pro-abort groups notice. With such flip-flopping speech, no one really knows what he would or wouldn’t do once in office. For those on the side of life, that is a very dangerous gamble, and one we cannot take.

Trump, who has spoken of the “good things” Planned Parenthood does, is not considered Planned Parenthood’s greatest threat. That description was reserved for Senator Ted Cruz, who the Executive Vice President of PP called “…the biggest threat we face.” Unlike Cruz, Donald Trump does not have a pro-life record, nor does he speak passionately about the issue with an unwavering desire to protect unborn life.


Not only was Trump not the biggest threat when others were still in the race, he isn’t now that he is the presumptive nominee. Legislatures and pro-life governors in states such as Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio have made great strides to protect unborn life in the past several months. Among the new legislation was a reduction in Planned Parenthood funding, signed by Governor Walker of Wisconsin in February, and a ban on abortions based on disability, race, and gender, signed by Governor Pence of Indiana in March. Pro-aborts are not happy about these pro-life advancements. Also reported in the same Huffington Post article:

But as volunteers and speakers stressed over and over, congressional elections and races at the state level will be just as important. After all, it’s at the state level where Planned Parenthood has had to wage its most consistent battles, as Republican officials have pushed forward bills cutting off and restricting reproductive health access.

“We understand very clearly that the reason that women’s access to reproductive health care is being decimated at the state level is because we have lost governors races and state legislative races over the last several cycles in states. And we’re in an untenable position politically,” Schifeling said.


Consistency regarding the pro-life movement is not something that Trump could ever be accused of possessing. This is why a huge part of the campaign by the pro-aborts this election cycle is aimed at states. Over several months, the aforementioned legislative victories have chipped away little-by-little at the abortion industry in excellent fashion.

Donald Trump is dangerous because of his inconsistency in every policy area. The pro-life movement should not embrace him, because he rejects a strong stance on life. While Planned Parenthood wants Hillary Clinton to win because of her pro-abort position, the real battleground for them is in states across the nation, and they are using millions to do so.



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