Carson Wants to Meet With Ryan Before Trump Does

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As Trump is planning to meet with Republican leaders in Washington this Thursday, sources are saying that retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has asked to meet with House Speaker Paul Ryan first. Since Carson is the opposite of his boorish, arrogant boss, Donald Trump, this is not surprising.


Carson has moved from the quiet, almost comatose, candidate with a “Heal. Inspire. Revive” campaign to a mouthpiece for the GOP’s ridiculous, non-conservative presumptive nominee. Like most former candidates from this cycle, he is placing party above principle by openly supporting Donald. More than that, I’m sure he’s looking to offer himself up for employment in a Trump administration.

As reported by The Washington Post:

The outreach by Carson is an apparent effort both to soothe tensions between Trump and Ryan ahead of their highly anticipated meeting on Capitol Hill and to establish a framework for that discussion.

When reached Monday by phone, Carson’s business manager, Armstrong Williams, said Carson “is a guy who can bring people together.”

“Donald Trump trusts him and the speaker trusts him,” Williams said. “He wants to do the will of the people.”

Ryan’s office declined to comment Monday, but an aide to the speaker confirmed that Carson did request a meeting.


Carson may be planning to use a soft tone and smooth talk to convince Speaker Ryan to support Trump. I hope it fails miserably.

Second only to Trump’s popularity, nothing has been so disappointing as Republicans like Carson. When he could represent true conservatism on the national stage, he instead seeks to promote himself and sing the praises of the one who is helping to ravage it.



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