The Left: Attaching Transgenderism to Most Anything

FILE - In this Jan. 27, 2016 file photo, a sticker that reads, "Keep Locker Rooms Safe," is worn by a person supporting a bill that would eliminate Washington's new rule allowing transgender people use gender-segregated bathrooms and locker rooms in public buildings consistent with their gender identity, at the Capitol in Olympia, Wash. In clashes over transgender students and which restrooms and locker rooms they should use, the U.S. Department of Education has warned public schools that a sex discrimination law makes it illegal to deny them access to the facilities of their choice. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

If you didn’t think that the subject of transgenderism in this country would be labeled a kind of new civil rights, then you’ve not been paying attention.

Liberals yearn for social justice relevance. They have attempted to connect a feelings-based subject matter, transgender “rights”, to actual struggles of the past in order to give life to their emotional grievances. The continuing drama surrounding Target’s new bathroom policy is nowhere near the real struggles that blacks of previous decades dealt with on buses and in bathrooms. To say that transgender rights are anywhere similar to original civil rights is a slap in the face to those who have dealt with real discrimination based on biological fact. But that doesn’t keep the Left from trying to make the comparison, as seen by their attempts on social media.

No, HuffPost. It’s not even close.

Liberals have even tried to include transgenderism in talking points about issues such as voting rights. As we know, voter ID laws are not discriminatory. If you possess a photo identification of some kind, which you use elsewhere, then you should have no problem presenting the same at polls before casting your vote. Still, Democrats push the issue, absolutely certain that evil Republicans want to keep others from voting. Now they’ve included transgender individuals in the group supposedly targeted by the Right at the ballot box.

The discussion of voting rights, weak at best, is made even more so by including “transgender people” in the group supposedly negatively affected by ID laws. The group which actively rejects their DNA would like to complain about others asking for proof of actual identity. Voting rights in general have nothing to do with Republicans seeking to suppress the vote. They have everything to do with seeking to keep the process fair for all and untainted by displays such as these.

Trasngenderism is becoming a popular political weapon. Those who reject such a delusion will be seen in the same light as the idiots who once pushed segregation and separatism based on biology, but it’s not even close.

Gender is binary, but that truth is rejected by the transgender community. Since the T in LGBT has an “anything goes” attitude, the line which establishes and defines them – which they themselves manufactured – will keep moving. With such freedom, attaching discrimination to any sort of issue can and will continue.

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