American Cultural Decline Continues


American society has become so privileged that the number one issue of discussion now is which bathrooms people should be allowed to use. Foremost on the tongues of media personalities and celebrities are the “rights” of transgender individuals relating to where they can relieve themselves in public.

As I’ve said before, if our reality come November shows our only choices to be either Trump or Hillary, we deserve some pain. However, setting the election aside and despite what may come to pass this November, we clearly deserve some pain now.

Complacency is a disgusting thing, and for too long too many conservatives have been silent on things which matter for fear of upsetting the apple cart. Well, you know what? We need the disruption. We need more people to actually stand up and vocally share their dislike of the sickness which threatens to engulf our culture. But we live in a world where Facebook statuses by closet conservatives can’t be controversial for fear that they might upset someone. And it’s all incredibly tiresome.

America has had plenty of turmoil in the past, but the current scale by which we define suffering is askew. Now “suffering” is what an individual (who denies the very DNA they were born with) goes through if you disagree with them. Now a differing opinion about a cultural issue is labeled a “phobia”, and people are ostracized, fired, or even lose their business because of it.

Oftentimes, the only thing that brings about change in life is struggle or an actual crisis. We get frustrated or annoyed by the small things, but when we are face-to-face with what truly matters, perspectives change. Right now, America is obsessed with feelings over facts. Comfort is king, and anything that threatens it is determined to be bad. But perhaps we need to become more uncomfortable. I’m sure that will happen as the new “inclusive” bathroom rules at Target expand beyond that store, invading everywhere else. And believe me, they will.

It is an unbelievable travesty that unborn humans have yet to obtain the most basic of legal rights. Society trips over itself to let individuals identify as the wrong gender, but the natural biology of unborn humans is still denied. We act as if we’re progressing toward inclusivity, as Target proudly proclaims, but the opposite is true. We’ve regressed. As a rape survivor wrote last fall at The Federalist regarding the transgender bathroom issue:

…it is nothing short of negligent to instate policies that elevate the emotional comfort of a relative few over the physical safety of a large group of vulnerable people.

And that’s exactly what keeps escalating. Feelings over facts. Emotions over truth. This reality further erodes our already declining society.

It’s getting dark outside, and it’s only going to get darker.

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