Kasich: The Third Wheel in a Two-Man Race

Image by Marc Nozell, https://goo.gl/3Eu4aS, via Flickr Creative Commons
Image by Marc Nozell, https://goo.gl/3Eu4aS, via Flickr Creative Commons
Image by Marc Nozell, https://goo.gl/3Eu4aS, via Flickr Creative Commons

As you’ve noticed, Governor John Kasich is still in the race. At this point, all I can think is he may be auditioning for vice president. His campaign has no relevance, but Kasich continues on, believing himself the alternative to Trump and Cruz.


According to Real Clear Politics, the current delegate count has Trump with 755, Cruz with 559, and Kasich with 144. Even by those figures, Kasich has no shot whatsoever. Furthermore, the fact that Rubio, who dropped out on March 15 after the Florida primary, still leads Kasich with 171 delegates, makes Kasich’s irrelevancy even more apparent.

John Kasich is the third wheel in a two-man race. The continuation of his campaign, like Ben Carson’s was, is nothing but an attempt to tryout for some other position. That doesn’t keep Kasich from trying his best to spread love and light, though. But that approach isn’t working. Out of all the contests so far, the Ohio governor has only won the state in which he governs.

As Irish Times reports, he’s all for the feel-good, alternative approach:

The second-term governor, who served 18 years in Congress, lacks the fizz of his rivals. Against the negativity and vitriol peddled by Trump and Cruz, Kasich is Mr Positive, running a kooky campaign focused on touchy-feely and town halls. He chooses hugs over hate, literally.

“There’s Coke, there’s Pepsi and there’s Kasich,” he said, likening voters to shoppers browsing an aisle and coming across him, “the un-cola,” a drink they haven’t tried before and still don’t know enough about it.


The un-cola that no one wants, actually.

Even if he were a strong conservative, I would still request that he exit the race. However, Kasich is no Cruz when it comes to the strength of conservatism. He peddles the liberal idea of “coming together” which, in politics, is a fantasy. Frankly, I don’t want to unify with the liberals, for they do not represent me or my beliefs. Everyone talks about partisanship as if it’s a four-letter word, but really, distancing yourself from others, like Cruz has done, is what is truly needed.

…Kasich rejects radicalism, saying things can only be fixed if people come together. He preaches that voters are Americans before they are Democrats or Republicans.

That’s much like Hillary Clinton’s message of kindness, which she has been using in the past few months. Appeal to the soft spot of voters, establish yourself as the anti-Trump, and you’ll gain support. Except for Kasich, that isn’t working.

Trump and Cruz are the only candidates with a shot at the nomination. Both have radical agendas, but only one has substance. While Trump’s radicalism is insulting, personality-based, and flip flops around, Cruz’s radical focus is on unapologetic conservatism. That is what I want to see in a candidate more than passing out hugs at town hall meetings, like Kasich has done.


I’m not sure how long the delusion will last, but for now, John Kasich remains in the race. He favors himself as the alternative, but, as seen by the delegate count, hardly anyone is looking his direction at all.


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