Safe Space on Campus? That's NOTHING Compared to This Demand.

We all know university campuses have become a place for pampered Millennials to protest against the so-called oppression they experience. Differing opinions are an uncomfortable reality for them to grasp, and so, they’ve made demands for “safe spaces”. Last fall, the safe space drama erupted at Mizzou and elsewhere, and we were left shaking our heads.


Now another type of demand from students has been made at the University of California at Berkeley. Usual activities at the ultra-liberal school might not shock us, but this goes a step beyond the regular antics. As reported by LifeNews:

A vocal group of students at the University of California Berkeley is demanding the university use taxpayer dollars to fund an abortion clinic on campus.

LifeNews reported the UC Berkeley student government approved a resolution in March urging administrators to provide free abortions through the university health services. The students claim that better access to abortion will help female students to succeed.

From just the standpoint of logistics, the suggestion is absurd. Planned Parenthood has not one, but two clinics within a 7 mile radius of the campus, clearly ready to jump in and profit from college students’ bedroom decisions and their morning-after regret! And the demand that it will help bring success to female students? I have a better one – keep your legs closed. That’s the cheapest and only fool-proof way to prevent pregnancy. But responsibility just seems too much of a burden for many of the young kids at UC Berkeley. If the student behind the resolution, Aanchal Chugh, is representative of our future, I openly weep for it.

Aanchal Chugh, who sponsored the resolution, told Campus Reform she does not think students should have to pay for abortions. She said the money to pay for abortions on campus should come from administrators’ paychecks.

“We feel that student health is something that the administration has not been focused on,” Chugh told the CBS affiliate. “And it’s important for students to do well academically.”


Thankfully, at least for now, the administrators at UC Berkeley do not seem interested in giving into demands of these spineless, whiny, privileged students. However, that might have more to do with them wanting to keep their paychecks safe more than anything.

All across U.S. college campuses, pro-life student organizations exist. This campus is no different. The Students for Life group at UC Berkeley was vocal in condemning such a resolution. Along with that they offer support, to those who find themselves in such a position, through the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, a nationwide resource.

Sadly, abortions are both widely available to college students, and for many, their first choice. It looks like for now the abortions-on-campus push at UC Berkeley won’t become reality, but the fact that student government pushed the idea along is a bad enough omen. College campuses remain a battleground, and conservative students and faculty alike should continue to take a stand against the onslaught.


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