Trump: Women Like Me Because I Protect Them


Despite a Gallup poll that came out on Friday indicating 7 out of 10 women have an unfavorable view of Trump, the candidate himself sees it differently. This is not shocking, because as we know, Trump’s proclamations and the truth don’t necessarily go together.


The past few weeks and months have more than shown how Trump himself, and his campaign, feel about, react to, and categorize women.

In an appearance on FOX & Friends on Tuesday, as reported by Politico, The Donald shared his thoughts on women and how much they, uh, like him.

“You know, I have so many women that really want to have protection from the standpoint — and they like me for that reason,” Trump said before suggesting he gets bad press regarding women.

“But there is nobody that respects women more than me, and I notice a lot of women are saying that…,” he said, trailing off into another point. “And I don’t get a fair press with the women. I have to say, the press treats me horribly with almost every aspect of life.”

It’s difficult to think that anyone could believe that Donald Trump is the greatest respecter of women, given his past history. He is clearly the opposite, as I wrote previously. As far as unfair press goes? He has received far more airtime than any Republican candidate, so has had more than enough of an opportunity to set records straight. But he doesn’t. Words and actions mean things, and his already colorful past is set in stone.


On Monday evening, Trump mentioned women hold a favorable view of him (again, they don’t – not as a whole) because of the protection he can offer in terms of combating terrorism. Is there something I missed in all his ramblings and non-specific recitals? He offers no plan. Will he protect us with his tiny hands?


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