Trump (Again) Shows His Weakness on Abortion

Trump is not a fighter. Those who believe he is are mistaking braggadocio and general bullying for resolve. They feel good when they see the mean kid yell and rant, but get the same kid alone and ask him to defend or explain his actions, and he can’t. This is Donald Trump.


On Wednesday, Trump said in an interview that if abortion were illegal, there should be punishment for women who have one. And then, in typical Trump style, he backtracked on the whole thing, saying that abortion providers should be held responsible instead. If there is anything consistent about Trump, it’s his inconsistency.

Now we have another flip-flop to look forward to. In an interview with Face the Nation‘s John Dickerson, which will air on Sunday, Trump plainly shows how much he doesn’t care about the abortion issue.

The moderator mentions Trump’s January statement that abortion should be banned. Trump follows this up with saying he prefers it be a states’ rights issue. And the kicker? Specifically regarding abortion laws, he blurts this out: “…the laws are set. And I think we have to leave it that way.” 

And this man is auditioning for president of the United States! Don’t for once pretend that he is a conservative, and don’t insist that he is pro-life. You can’t flip-flop again, and again, and again, on a black-and-white issue, and then attempt to tout your strength and consistency. Every single thing we who are (actual) conservatives hold as important would be under attack with this man at the helm. Fighting for unborn life? Forget it. “WE HAVE TO LEAVE IT THAT WAY.” Thank God leaders like Governors Scott Walker, Matt Bevin, and Mike Pence didn’t say this about abortion laws. All of them have recently signed laws that limit the damage of this heinous, and still-legal procedure.


Trump is dangerous to those in and out of the womb, and supporters of him continue to flaunt their foolishness.


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