Fiorina's Candidacy Is a Win Because She Stood In Contrast to "Victim" Hillary


Carly Fiorina ended her bid for the White House on Wednesday, after a dismal placing in the New Hampshire primary, but she made her mark as a presidential contender in a way no one else before her had done.


We’re used to seeing Republican women run for Congress, obtain the position of governor, or even take on the rare role of vice presidential nominee. But running for president is a different story altogether. Carly was the only female in a field of Republican men, but that’s not why she stood out. Carly stood out as a vastly different option than the only other female in the race, Hillary Clinton.

Unlike Hillary, Carly wasn’t on stage as a candidate only because of a political marriage. Unlike Hillary, Carly promoted the protection of all life, born and unborn. And unlike Hillary, she did not use her gender as a crutch, nor call it one of her merits for office.

Second and third wave feminism, which sees victimhood around every corner and views men as the enemy, is incredibly toxic to society. It runs rampant, and fuels a pro-abortion industry which says only the woman’s body should be protected and not the growing baby inside of her. This is the absolute opposite of being pro-woman and pro-freedom, but 2nd & 3rd wave feminism is the poisoned offshoot of 1st wave feminism, which sought for and has already won common sense freedoms for females in the United States.

I appreciate Carly’s run not because she paved the way for other strong, intelligent, poised, classy conservative women, but because she stood in stark contrast of that which has hijacked feminism. 2016 is supposed to be the year of the first female president, or so some have said. But women have had the opportunity to run for president for quite a while. The idea that a female president would be “making history” isn’t because she has been denied that chance up until now, as liberals would have you believe. It’s because a female made the choice to pursue, and won, that which has been open to her for some time, which is a completely different reality. When it’s about personal choices and not about breaking some sort of hold the evil patriarchy has on you, the state of female advancement in 2016 takes on a different definition entirely.


Carly’s statement on Facebook upon ending her campaign touched on the truth of original feminism.

To young girls and women across the country, I say: do not let others define you. Do not listen to anyone who says you have to vote a certain way or for a certain candidate because you’re a woman. That is not feminism. Feminism doesn’t shut down conversations or threaten women. It is not about ideology. It is not a weapon to wield against your political opponent.

One of Carly’s best moments, of which there are several to choose from, came during the CNN debate at the Reagan Presidential Library. She forcefully called out Planned Parenthood, and mentioned the horrific videos from the Center for Medical Progress. Like it or not, when a conservative female on a platform such as this defends the unborn, while her twisted counterpart praises the practice which ends their lives, some progress has been made. On Wednesday when Carly exited the race, Planned Parenthood tweeted their farewell, clearly still upset at a woman who used her position of influence to correctly call them out as monsters.

Like any candidate who drops out, I’m sure Carly Fiorina is disappointed. As she and many others knew, her run was a long shot, but not because she is a female. It was a long shot because she lacked any experience in public office, among other things.


The first female president shouldn’t be a woman who believes being a female is enough of a qualification. That’s entirely idiotic. Carly Fiorina’s run will be remembered as a win for common sense conservatism, and because she was a foil to the psychotic banner of female victimhood that Hillary loves to wave.


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