The War Against Women Exists, But the Left is Waging It

As frustrating as it is, gender is a card often played by those wanting to get ahead, by those seeking to shame, and all too often, by those seeking to drive a wedge. Because claims of “you’re a sexist!” are easily thrown and do much damage in the eyes of some, they are a regularly used weapon in the political sphere. But while Liberals claim that it is the GOP who is waging a war against women, quite the opposite is true.

Preying Upon Us and Our Offspring

There is nothing more uniquely female than the ability to carry a child within by providing nourishment and protection for a growing life before entrance into the world. Instead of revering that natural privilege, the most sacred of spaces – the womb – is gleefully inhabited by those who prize choice over all. And overwhelmingly, those with a seek-and-destroy attitude are women. Liberal feminism, praising the “strength and independence” of females, does nothing but destroys it. It places actual, biological life on the lowest tier, and promotes ease and comfort – brought about by death of another – in Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide.

Women were made for more than to be told life with a child, whether that child is unplanned, unexpected, or violently placed, is not worth living. Nothing could be further from the truth. Giving life to another is the most precious gift that can be given, and a woman’s unique physical characteristics support this. I can think of nothing more empowering than proudly expressing and promoting that privilege. The Left, though, shames us into believing motherhood is a low calling, and we should be ashamed of our unique creation. One would think the next generation would be a protected commodity, but instead, they are expendable in favor of the fleeting. Today’s release of the 11th video from The Center for Medical Progress just highlights how the Left views the unborn as throwaway, and women as moneymakers.

Hurting  Us Economically

Neither Obama, nor the Democrats, is a friend to women. One of the places where that is felt is in the work world. As Stephen Moore pointed out recently in The Washington Times:

Working women have gotten crushed under the weight of Obama policies. During Mr. Obama’s six and a half years in office women have suffered steeper declines in take home pay than men have. Women have also experienced sharper declines in employment and a faster rise in poverty. The financial squeeze has been especially severe for single women.

Since President Obama took office in 2009, median inflation-adjusted income for women has fallen by nearly 4 cents on the dollar, according to the Census data, versus slight gains for men.

Mr. Obama has hobbled the economy with punitive tax rates, $7 trillion in new debt, minimum wage hikes, regulatory overreach, and Obamacare. Women have been the front-line victims of these failed policies.

The Left insists that the GOP doesn’t care about working women, but they should spend less time harping on the other side and more time looking into their own policies and plans. That is where the damage is coming from.

Praising Artificiality

Bruce Caityln Jenner is not a female. Surgical additions and subtractions do not a woman make. Claiming a certain gender just because you believe God couldn’t match your emotions and genitalia is not the same as being said gender. After all, DNA is stubborn. Despite these facts, Liberals fall all over themselves to praise anyone who claims such a thing. Instead of seeking to help that person deal with obvious deep mental and emotional turmoil, they cheer on the band-aid effect of plastic surgery, and happily support the delusion.

Now the same group, Liberals, who like to act as if they are the only ones praising natural womanhood, will in fact reward the opposite. Bruce C. Jenner will be receiving a “Woman of the Year” award from Glamour magazine. All women everywhere should collectively eye-roll this one. A man is receiving an award which is gender-specific to females. But disregard that. Feelings are the key to all, and Liberals hate the truth.

In this election cycle, as with previous ones, a talking point is the “GOP war on women”. It is everywhere and it is irksome. The truth is that a war against women does exist, but it is not cultivated by the GOP. The real war against women, their bodies, their livelihoods, and their unique worth was grown by the Left and continues to degrade the very essence of womanhood.


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