Ohio Senate Votes on Eliminating Planned Parenthood Funding

While society continues to celebrate post-birth diversity, the fight for the very basic, biological right to life for the unborn rages on. The Center for Medical Progress has unearthed a passion in the pro-life field, and that is driving state government, supported by the people, to vote on funding for the behemoth of death, Planned Parenthood.

The latest state to do so is Ohio, as reported by Reuters:

Ohio senators advanced a bill on Wednesday that would eliminate state and federal funding for Planned Parenthood clinics, the latest state to consider cuts following undercover videos about the women’s healthcare provider’s handling of fetal tissue.

The Republican-controlled Ohio Senate voted 23-10 on party lines to advance the measure that would strip funding from the Planned Parenthood clinics in the state and any organization referring patients to them.

Ohio follows other states which have advanced the charge against Planned Parenthood when change just could not be mustered by those in the United States Congress. Texas officially terminated Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid contract on Monday, as seen in this letter from the Texas Health & Human Services Commission. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has vowed to end the state’s Medicaid contract with Planned Parenthood as well, but as of Monday, the PP suit against the state has caused a block in that progress. Judge John W. DeGravelles issued a restraining order, and Louisiana’s Medicaid ties will be in place for at least another two weeks.

As reported by the LA Times, there could be more difficulties coming for Planned Parenthood by way of state intervention:

Six states that launched their own investigations following the CMP campaign – including Massachusetts, Indiana and Pennsylvania – cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing. Seven states declined to investigate, and 11 others are still looking into the organization’s practices.

While the narrative is that these states seeking to cut funding, or those who have actually succeeded, are interested in ending women’s health services, nothing is further from the truth. Each state contains many comprehensive women’s healthcare clinics, and anything to the contrary is fear-mongering by representatives of the largest abortion provider in the country. It says much about our society when it is such a fight in the actual courts and the court of public opinion to protect the very least among us. It blows my mind that anyone post-birth can be anything as long as their feelings say so, but the science of conception – actual biology – is easily dismissed. Those who should be celebrated, whether they are planned or not, are forgotten in favor of comfort.

Time will tell how many states make decisions to act on the proof in the videos, or how long those actions will be upheld by a court system infiltrated with activist judges.  Those with a passion for the pro-life cause will continue to be cautious in their excitement, because they understand the climate in which we live.  However, the steps taken at the state levels are encouraging, considering courage at the national level seems to be nonexistent.