Support Randy Demmer in Minnesota's First Congressional District

Today’s jobs numbers once again illustrate the Democrats’ failed economic policies. More people believe that Elvis is still alive than the stimulus actually created jobs. Can you blame them? By growing government and the national debt, Americans are not better off today. But, in November, the voters will be able to make a real change to get our country moving again.


One disillusioned voter is Minnesota independent voter Thomas Partridge. He voted for Democrats in the past, but has become disappointed by them. He talked to a Minnesota newspaper:

“I don’t agree with [the] borrowing that they’re doing, the taxing and the continual spending,” Partridge said. “The results are not there, and we cannot keep digging a hole. There is not the fiscal responsibly that they said they would take.”

Unfortunately for Partridge, he is being represented by a Congressman who is part of the problem.

Rep. Tim Walz has sided with Nancy Pelosi over 97% of the time. For instance, Rep. Walz has voted for trillion dollar deficits, a government takeover of health care bill, and a cap-and-trade national energy tax.

Voters in Minnesota’s First District can make a change in November by sending Young Gun candidate Randy Demmer to Congress.

Randy Demmer

On taxing and spending, this former farmer and small business owner gets it, which is a clear contrast to an out of touch Democrat controlled Congress.

First, if Congress doesn’t do anything, on January 1st, 2011, taxes will go up for millions of Americans, including many small businesses. That will discourage economic growth and job creation–which we all know we desperately need. Rep. Walz had a chance to do something about it. Instead, he along with other House Democrats chose to go back to their districts to campaign.


Randy recently pointed out what will happen if taxes rise:

The Walz-Obama approach would impair the ability of small-business owners to put our country back to work by raising taxes on nearly 40 percent of all small-business income — money that could otherwise be used to hire more workers.

Second, Randy wants the job-killing health care law (supported by Rep. Walz) repealed and replaced with “common sense alternatives that won’t drive up the cost of healthcare or put government in the drivers’ seat.”

Third, Agriculture is a vital industry in the First District. The Democrats’ plan to raise energy taxes through a cap-and-trade national energy tax plan would hurt farmers since they use energy to raise crops. Rep. Walz joined Democrats in voting for it, while Randy strongly opposes it.

I’m impressed with Randy’s strong campaign. He has momentum on his side. Check out his website and his Facebook page.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy



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