Support Austin Scott in Georgia's Eighth Congressional District

Today, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimated the Democratic Congress added over $1.4 trillion to the public debt this past year. That’s more debt put on future generations to pay back.


Our country can’t afford to continue all the spending and borrowing. That’s why we need new leaders in Congress like Austin Scott in Georgia’s Eighth Congressional District.

Austin Scott

This Young Gun and owner of an insurance company knows that just like a business can’t sustain itself by borrowing more and more, the federal government needs to cut back. Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. That’s why Austin is running on cutting spending, and his message is resonating. A recent poll has Austin up 8 points.

As the son of a physician and one who has worked on health care issues, Austin knows the Democrats’ health care law won’t reduce costs or improve health care. He wants to repeal the law and start over with reforms that empower patients, not government bureaucrats.

Another reason we need leaders like Austin in Congress is to provide a check and balance to the Congressional Democrats. After all, Austin’s opponent has voted with the Congressional Democrats and Speaker Pelosi 88.5% of the time.

Support Austin Scott by visiting his website. Also, early voting has already started in Georgia. Let your friends in the Eighth Congressional District know, and help keep the momentum going.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy


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