Support Dr. Larry Bucshon in Indiana's Eighth Congressional District

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What drives people to put aside their regular lives and dive into politics?

For a few doctors it was the Congressional Democrats passing their unpopular health care law. Who better understands the health care system than our doctors? One such person is Dr. Larry Bucshon running in Indiana’s Eighth Congressional District.


Larry Bucshon

This heart surgeon and Navy veteran knows there will be many intended and unintended consequences. Taxes will go up and mandates imposed on businesses will kill jobs. Yet health care costs will continue to rise and the quality of care will decrease.

Doing nothing about health care is no option. That’s just rhetoric Democrats use. Larry has some good ideas to reform health care in a way that actually works and doesn’t require a government takeover:

  • Tort reform to stop frivolous lawsuits.
  • Expand Health Savings Accounts to empower consumers.
  • Create competitive pools so small businesses have the same buying power like bigger businesses.
  • Let consumers buy insurance across state lines to increase competition.

Larry is also running to make sure we keep taxes low, get control over the government’s out-of-control spending, and fight to balance our budget.


Irresponsible Congressional Democrats and their record have created fear among business that is stopping them from hiring. Electing Young Guns candidates like Larry will help erase that fear.

Learn more about Larry in this interview with RedState’s Moe Lane in May.

Then check out Larry’s website and follow him on Twitter. If you’re from Indiana, let me know how you think his race is going.



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