Campaigning with Kevin Yoder in Kansas' Third Congressional District

While on the road campaigning for Republican candidates last month, I took some time to visit the Liberty Memorial. This monument to World War I veterans moved me. It reminded me that previous generations have done so much for us. It made me want to commit myself that much more to making America a better place.


Americans know government spending is out of control. The Democrats spent a trillion dollars on a stimulus bill that didn’t work and rammed through a health care bill that will only put us deeper into debt.

Americans have had enough and want new leaders in Washington who will listen to them and understand we need to get spending under control.

Kevin Yoder

A candidate I found who really understands this is Kevin Yoder, one of the “Young Guns,” running in Kansas’ Third Congressional District. Kevin and I have talked a lot about lowering taxes and cutting wasteful spending. This is a guy who gets it.

When he’s not practicing law, Kevin is a state representative focusing on fiscal discipline. As chairman of the Kansas House Appropriations Committee, Kevin cut spending and worked to pass a bill putting a debt ceiling on Kansas government.

Kevin understands how bad Democratic policies like their expensive health care law harm our economy. He told a Kansas newspaper,


“More government bureaucracy and control is not the solution, and we cannot continue to run up the deficit and spend money we don’t have.”

In Congress, Kevin will help bring fiscal discipline to Washington. He will fight to repeal the health care bill and replace it with reforms that lower costs, give patients more control over their health care, and not increase the debt.

Getting our fiscal house in order will let us cut taxes to help small businesses create jobs.

Help people like Kevin stop our impending national-debt crisis.

Check out Kevin Yoder’s web site and let me know what you think.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy


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