$15 for 15 days to support Quin Hillyer, a proven conservative, for Congress

It’s rare these days to have the opportunity to send both a principled conservative and someone brandishing pre-attained experience necessary to make an impact on Day 1.


Yet that’s exactly the choice the voters of Alabama’s 1st Congressional District have in the person of Quin Hillyer, who’s time and time again risen to the challenge of consistent conservatism over a career spanning back to President Reagan.

Having known Quin for years, I can personally attest to each.

He faces a crowded GOP field, full of good people, but none can match the depth of policy knowledge held by the man once dubbed the “Oracle of Mobile,” thanks to his uncanny ability to predict elections and coming winds of America’s political climate.

Quin’s been on the frontlines fighting for conservative causes for years, advancing the movement through his time as a congressional press secretary and journalist.

Alabama voters will head to the polls in just 15 days, casting ballots in a GOP primary likely bound for a runoff.

Marking the final stretch, Quin’s campaign today launched a $15 for 15 days money bomb, asking grassroots supporters to make the small contributions it’ll take to help this good man get out his positive message.

Equipping his team with the necessary resources is essential for ensuring that voters don’t miss out on this golden opportunity.


Quin’s message hearkens back to the days of Reagan-Kemp optimism and economic prosperity, both shots in the arm our party could surely use these days. He’s refused to go negative against his opponents, instead brandishing a “positive, quirky” advertising strategy that highlights both message and the person delivering it, and it really is the best of both worlds for Alabama conservatives.

You’ll never have to doubt where Quin stands; there’s almost two decades worth of writing to prove his record.

He’ll make Alabama’s 1st District, and conservatives across the nation, proud to count him a member of Congress. We need leadership in Quin’s mold, a positive focus conservative principles that hold true to the freedom and liberty enshrined in the Constitution to which we hold dear.

I’ll be contributing $15, and I hope you’ll join me in doing everything possible to send a great man, a conservative fighter with a message this country needs to hear, to Congress.


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