Nikki Haley Has Become America's Best Ambassador to the UN

Nearly thirteen years ago, I hosted my first radio program on the campus of my undergraduate institution at a time the United States was wrangling with the United Nations regarding rogue states like Iran and North Korea. Then-U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, and President George W. Bush had to fight tooth and nail to get the international body to get out of America’s way when it came to prosecuting the war on terror. UN obstruction of America’s foreign policy prompted me to relabel the organization the Useless Nuisance. Based on the UN’s actions this week, it certainly seems that the label still applies.


Earlier this month, President Trump told the world that the United States intended to keep its word with regard to the relocation of our embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem in Israel. Democrats in Washington, and the UN in New York, erupted into outrage over the President’s decision to honor a law that has been on the books for more than two decades. The Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act was passed by the 104th Congress on October 23, 1995. That the relocation of the American embassy to Jerusalem has been American policy for 22 years makes this week’s condemnation vote of the U.S. embassy move more peculiar.

The United States is far and away the single largest financial contributor to the United Nations budget, yet the organization has become a hobby horse for despots and dictators around the global to bite the hand that feeds the world body. As Ambassador Nikki Haley told the UN General Assembly this week:

“When we make generous contributions to the UN, we also have a legitimate expectation that our good will is recognized and respected. When a nation is singled out for attack in this organization, that nation is disrespected. What’s more, that nation is asked to pay for the “privilege” of being disrespected.”

Go get ’em, Nikki! This is the kind of rhetoric from the U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN that so many of us have waited for years to hear. Instead of conspiring against Israel and our allies, as the Obama Administration did, Ambassador Haley is standing- up to international bullying and dishonesty. Her courageous calling-out of the UN for singling-out America was bold beyond almost anything we have ever seen in the international body.


I think it is now safe for me to say that I believe my friend Nikki Haley has surpassed even the great Jeanne Kirkpatrick as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Kirkpatrick confronted Soviet communism during the Cold War with steely determination, and America will forever be grateful, but even she was not more more willing to take-on the status quo at the UN than Nikki Haley.

It is great to see someone of conviction call-out a body so rife with hypocrisy as to Border on irrelevant.


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