Democrats Pounce on Bush 41 to Cover-Up their Own Culture of Sexual Abuse

I now realize what a blessing it was that both of South Carolina’s United States Senators were unmarried when they were sworn-in to their most recent terms in the Senate. Senators Graham and Scott fared fairly well without a spouse at their swearing-in ceremonies officiated now former Vice-President Joe Biden, who evidently made it his mission to fondle and grope every senate wife who walked into the chamber. I remember watching the Senate swearing-in ceremonies in a state of disbelief at the antics of the Democrat Vice-President. Biden was grabbing married women from behind, caressing their shoulders, whispering in their ear, and violating every cardinal human resources rule of almost every major corporation in America. Even still, Vice President Biden is a saint in comparison to former President Bill Clinton who committed acts tantamount to rape.


Recently, liberals have pounced on Republicans as sexual predators in an attempt to divert attention from the unfolding sad saga of Harvey Weinstein, a Democratic mega donor. The recent target of liberal outrage is the forty-first President of the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush. President Bush, now 94 years old, has been confined to a wheelchair for the past several years as his health has continued to decline. According to actress Heather Lind, who posted her allegations on Instagram, President Bush patted her “from behind” during an event after telling her a dirty joke several years ago. This incident has been breathlessly reported in the press, as evidence that Republicans do not respect women any more than the Democrats do. It’s almost as cynically dishonest as making the Russia investigation about the GOP, when Democrats paid for the dossier.

I never believe that it is okay for men to sensually touch or tell sexual jokes to women to whom they are not married, however, these allegations against President Bush are fairly ridiculous. For Lind and others to accuse a wheelchair-bound nonagenarian of being a sexual predator is absurd. The worst thing that President Bush apparently did is to tell Lind and others a stupid joke about his favorite comedian being “David Cop-a-feel,” which is a little racy but not downright raunchy. When compared to Harvey Weinstein asking women to watch him shower, and Bill Clinton having oral sex with interns in the Oval Office, it is pretty mild.


All public officials, Republican or Democrat, should be held to the same standard of decency, and both parties should call-out officials under its label when they cross-the-line. South Carolina Republicans have recently done so in our state with regard to an Upstate sheriff who had an inappropriate sexual relationship with an employee half his age. Republicans at every level, myself included, have called for this man’s resignation and / or removal from office. Respect for women is to be expected from every man, including men in public office, especially law enforcement officials. Democrats, by contrast, very rarely call-out the predators in their midst as long as the polling numbers are good, the donations are flowing, and the press isn’t reporting anything about their indiscretions.

President Bush needs to keep his hands to himself, and needs to stop talking about “David Cop-A-Feel,” to be sure, but Democrats need to stop trying to attack the 41st President to make themselves feel better. There is literally no comparison between the actions of President Bush and former President Bill Clinton, or even former Vice President Joe Biden, and certainly not Harvey Weinstein. If liberals viewed women’s rights as more than just abortion-on-demand, maybe the rape culture of the far left would be a thing of the past, and elderly men like George H.W. Bush would not have to endure a fake scandal 24 years after leaving office.






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