Why We Fight

Today was my final day as a summer law clerk with the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.  Now that my U.S. Senate badge is turned in and I no longer in any way speak for the senator for whom I interned — the Honorable Mike Lee of Utah — the time has come for reflection.



We live in a deeply disturbed world.  Ethnic minority separatists in the Ukraine shoot civilian airliners out of the sky.  There are legitimate pogroms in Paris and rising Jew hatred in Berlin and Rome, as European Jews make Aliyah to Israel — a country under the constant bombardment of terrorist rocket fire — in hitherto unforeseen numbers.  There are ostensibly mainstream journalists on indisputably mainstream cable news network who attribute surviving the Holocaust to “white privilege.”  Practicing Christians are forced to abdicate their sincerely held doctrinal beliefs at the altar of secular humanist political correctness, as the “new tolerance” perniciously supplants sincerely held religious beliefs, entrepreneurship, and private property rights alike.  Hashtag diplomacy is all the rage, supplanting Reaganite “peace through strength” as the contemporary guiding light of Obama-era American international relations.


As it so happens, we live in a deeply disturbed world due in no small part to the unfathomable moral dilapidation of the modern-day Left.  These past few months have been particularly illuminating, then, in once again evincing to all of us conservative activists why it is that we fight:




For the future of our republic, it is imperative that Leftists be stopped in their tracks.  They are wrong and they are dangerous.  When Benjamin Franklin spoke of “a republic — if you can keep it,” it was with folks precisely like contemporary Leftists in mind.


I look forward to working with all of you to advance our cause, and to joining the RedState community.


In liberty,





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