David Hogg: The NRA's Worst Nightmare? Hardly.

David Hogg has made it clear that his mission is to reduce the power of the gun lobby; namely, the National Rifle Association. But, as it turns out, the Florida teenager has actually contributed to the growth of the NRA and its political influence.


According to CNN:

reports from the Federal Election Commission show donations to the NRA’s Political Victory Fund tripled from January to February.

In January, the NRA collected almost $248,000 in individual contributions. In February, they collected more than $779,000.

So, after the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, which killed 17 people, the NRA’s political arm received more donations than before the massacre.

Hogg, a student at the school, started an anti-gun campaign after his classmates were slain, appearing at the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. last weekend, an event that drew hundreds of thousands of people in the nation’s capital, and millions more across the country.

Many of the speakers at the march talked about what they see as the NRA’s undue influence on lawmakers, even though not a single mass shooter in modern history has actually been identified as an NRA member. Yet, their perceived crusade against the organization has continued for what they likely thought worked to the NRA’s disadvantage. I guess that shows how much they know.

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