John Conyers' Son is No Saint When It Comes to Treatment of Women

Image by Karen Murphy via Flickr Creative Commons

Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Disgraced Democratic Congressman John Conyers, while announcing his resignation earlier this week, endorsed his son, John Conyers III to replace him in the U.S. House of Representatives. The younger Conyers, as RedState also reported at the time, will run against the eldest Conyers’ great nephew, Ian Conyers, who is a current Michigan state senator.


The 88-year-old Conyers was accused of sexual misconduct toward multiple women, prompting members of his own party in the House of Representatives to call for his resignation. But according to multiple reports from earlier this year, Conyers’ endorsement of his son raises more questions.

TMZ pointed out this week that in February 2017, Conyers III was arrested in California after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. Here’s how TMZ characterized the alleged incident:

John Conyers III got in a fight with his girlfriend on February 15, 2017. Law enforcement sources tell us he accused her of cheating after going through her computer at around 2 AM. The argument allegedly escalated into physical violence … she told cops John body slammed her on her bed and on the floor, pinned her down and spit on her. She says she tried calling the cops, but he took her phone.

The woman claims he then chased her into her kitchen where she grabbed a 10-inch knife to protect herself, ordering him to leave the house.

She says he grabbed the knife and then swung at her twice, stabbing her, cutting her right bicep which required 3 stitches. She says he then chased her back into the bedroom, pinned her against the bed and slapped her.

They both called 911 and when cops came John claimed she pulled a knife on him and, when he grabbed it to protect himself, he accidentally stabbed her.


TMZ also noted that the Los Angeles County District Attorney did not prosecute Conyers III because there were no witnesses and because prosecutors felt they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the stabbing was not an accident.

Needless to say, should Ian Conyers decide to make this incident an issue in the race against Conyers III for the congressional seat, this campaign could very well devolve into an all-out family feud.


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