Leftist Anti-Gun Group Refuses to 'Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste' After Vegas Shooting

An anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment lobby group called the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence steeped to an new low Monday as the number of lives lost in the tragic Las Vegas Strip shooting were still being tallied.


At 9:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time Monday morning, just hours after the barrage of bullets rained down on country music concert goers along the famed Vegas Strip, the progressive group tweeted, “We need to say #ENOUGH to gun violence. Join us in honoring the victims & survivors in Las Vegas by taking action!”

The tweet included a link to the Brady Campaign’s website. Since the tweet invited social media users to “honor” the victims of the senseless massacre, one might surmise that perhaps the link would direct to a page established to raise money for the victims families or a way for social media users to communicate their sympathies.

Upon clicking the link, however, users were directed to a fundraising page, alright. Only the Brady Campaign wasn’t raising money for the victims’ families to help cover what will inevitably amount to milions of dollars in hospital bills and funeral costs. Instead, the progressive anti-gun group was apparently only thinking of itself.


The link in the tweet directed users to a page where they could donate to the Brady Campaign. But the group claimed that it wasn’t raising money for itself but rather “to honor those who lost their lives in Las Vegas.”

“Today, we remember the individuals who lost their lives in last night’s shooting in Las Vegas,” the fundraising page read. “With your support, we can provide more support for these individuals and work to prevent more tragedies in the future.”

With this latest example of shameless opportunism, it now looks as though the mainstream no longer looks upon politicization of tragedies as unacceptable or inappropriate. Apparently, it’s now to be expected, to, you know, “honor” the victims.”

Perhaps none of this should come as a surprise though, given that just a few years ago former President Barack Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel encouraged his fellow liberals to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”


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