Water Cooler 02/08/18 Open Thread; FISA Gate Timeline Part 1 The Email Scandal


FISA Gate Timeline
Given the level of misinformation out there about when and what happened concerning the Email/Russia Scandals, it seemed like a definitive timeline of events would be useful to everyone.

Date Item
2015: Hillary’s misuse of classified Email surfaces: Potential offenses include sharing classified information for profit, deliberate and premeditated violation of federal records laws, and exposing classified state department information
Washington Free Beacon: hires Fusion GPS to do Research on potential Republican candidates
April 2016: President Obama places his thumb on the scales of justice: On national television states she did not intend to do harm to national security and should not be indicted. NOTE: How this compares to the current special counsel investigation triggered by obstruction of justice
Marc Elias The DNC’s and Clinton Campaign’s attorney of record hires Fusion GPS. The dossier is paid for with moneys from the Clinton campaign fund in violation of election laws. This is another incident where the Clintons demonstrate their attitude that laws don’t apply to them
May 2016: Peter Strzok and Lisa Page begin texting. Post election plans and ending the Clinton Email investigation discussed
James Comey begins drafting the memo exonerating Hillary despite the fact the investigation isn’t over. High level Clinton associates Abedin, and Mills are granted immunity and allowed to destroy evidence in what is an ongoing investigation despite not having revealed useful information
Date Item
June 2016: Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch have meeting in her plane on the Phoenix airport Tarmac. Very considerate of them to shut down an airport to have a little chit chat about the grandkids. I suppose it’s better than the time Bill Clinton shut down an airport so he could get a haircut
Peter Strzok Changes the draft memo on the Clinton Email investigation to include language that makes certain she will not be prosecuted
July 2016: Lisa Page texts to Peter Strzok : β€œIt’s a real profile in courage, since she knows no charges will be brought.”
Hillary is at last interviewed by the FBI. She is not put under oath and is allowed to have Cheryl Mills present as her attorney. No transcript is made so we may never know what the actual contents of the interview were, perhaps it was the grandkids again

The Email investigation illustrates how the FBI was operating in terms of the investigation of political figures. There can be little doubt that at the point Mills and Abedin were allowed to destroy evidence the decision on how the investigation was to go had been made. There is the notable double standard on what warrants a special counsel. The Obama administration went on national TV declaring how an ongoing investigation should go, vs Trump firing what was an incredibly flawed FBI director as his actions would prove out.



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