Water Cooler 04/20/17 Open Thread; Major Immigration Victory; Fake News Or Not ?; College Bans Preaching


Illegal Immigrants Do Not Have Constitutional Right Of Court Review If Denied Entry

That headline is just so much common sense in one shot I am flabbergasted it came out of our court system. Last August the Philadelphia 3rd Circuit Court of appeals made the ruling and on Monday the Supreme Court decided not to hear the plaintiffs case and let the 3rd circuit decision stand.


The U.S. Supreme Court sidestepped a turbulent debate over illegal immigration on Monday, turning away an appeal by a group of asylum-seeking Central American women and their children who aimed to clarify the constitutional rights of people who the government has prioritized for deportation.

The families, 28 women and 33 children ages 2 to 17 from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, had hoped the justices would overturn a lower court’s ruling preventing them from having their expedited removal orders reviewed by a federal judge.

That Philadelphia-based court said the status of the families, all apprehended in Texas and later held in Pennsylvania, was akin to non-citizens who are denied entry at the border and they were not entitled to a court hearing to challenge that decision.


Aside from the affirmation that our borders are borders and there is no inherent right to violate them and entry into the U.S. is a privilege, this should cut down on much of the lawfare that the left engages in when they are unable to win at the ballot box.

All The News That’s Fit To Print ? You Decide


VS What The Patriots had to say about it.

If you are Dilbert fan you may remember this exchange.

PHB: Dilbert, remember how we always told you people were our greatest asset ?
Dilbert: Yes
PHB: Well that wasn’t true. Turns out cash is our greatest asset.
Dilbert: Where are poeple on the list ?
PHB: Number 9 just after paperclips.

So personally I don’t rate this as news fake or otherwise. It is interesting data about the New York Times. It leads me to suspect accurately reporting the news is somewhere around 7 on their list of priorities, probably after getting better parking in Manhattan and having better pastry in the cafeteria. Taking a shot at anyone they don’t like looks like number 2 or possibly 1 given their finances.

Georgia Gwinnett College Bans Christian Preaching As Fighting Words

How does this happen ? Was “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” not science fiction but an urgent warning that generations of Americans were being replaced with brainwashed pod people ?

Yet even after following the proper procedures and reserving space in a free-speech zone, Uzuegbunam was again told to desist, this time because his speech had apparently “generated complaints” and constituted “disorderly conduct.”

Now, though, ADF has informed Campus Reform that the school has filed a motion to dismiss the case, arguing that the plaintiff’s “open-air speaking” rose “to the level of ‘fighting words,’” as evidenced in a copy of the motion obtained by Campus Reform.

“Plaintiff exclaimed a divisive message directly to a group of ‘many’ individuals while standing on top of a stool, and, in doing so, actually caused a disturbance,” the motion contends, adding that the “Plaintiff used contentious religious language that, when directed to a crowd, has a tendency to incite hostility.”



Abraham Lincoln said “A nation of free men will either live forever or die by suicide”, it looks like we are buying the rope.

Punctuality Is The New Racism

If you start to think about this, it’s all kinds awful and it says horrible things about the left, and the people that let them get away with the narrative.

Clemson University has allocated nearly $27,000 on diversity training materials for professors.

The training materials are a series of slides depicting scenarios with fictional characters.
One slide features a guy named Alejandro who plans a meeting between two groups. Each group contains foreign professors and students. One group shows up 15 minutes early. The second group shows up 10 minutes late.
A question-and-answer section then instructs Clemson’s professors that Alejandro would be insufficiently “inclusive” if he were to “politely ask the second group to apologize.” Alejandro would also be wrong to advise the straggling, late people who aren’t respecting everyone else’s time that “in our country, 9:00 a.m. means 9:00 a.m.”
Sorry I am one of those sad non inclusive people that thinks a 9:00 am meeting time means you are there and ready to work @9:00 AM So 15 minutes early is likely a must.

Quiz:  How Much Do You Know About The Worlds Deadliest Weapons ?


22/30 for me on this some really interesting answers in there especially regarding Nuclear Weapons.

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