New York City Mayoral Race Proves Identity Politics Is a Bunch of Crapola

It’s always difficult to tell what the latest gripe from the left will be these days, but one thing that is certain is that the left will always eat their own. This means, if you’re a leftist, you need to always be on guard and up to date on the latest identity politics.


We saw this again on Saturday after New York mayoral candidate Eric Adams, a Black man, took a swipe at his opponents Kathryn Garcia and Andrew Yang. Despite being Hispanic and Asian Americans, as one might deduce from their last names, Adams seems to not consider the two to be “people of color.”

On Saturday, Garcia and Yang appeared for an event campaigning together, asking voters to “rank” them in the primary next week.

Under New York City law, the upcoming GOP and Democratic primary will be the first time using ranked-choice voting. This means voters will rank their top candidates, instead of choosing one candidate to support. As the NYC board of elections website explains, “Voters can rank up to five candidates in order of preference, instead of casting a vote for just one.”

Then, “If no candidate receives more than 50% of first-choice votes, the last-place candidate is eliminated. If your first choice is eliminated, your next choice will be counted, and so on. The process of elimination continues until there is a winner.”

Ranked-choice voting deserves a whole column of its own to explain the problems with it, but the process does seem to encourage candidates to work together, rather than tearing each other apart.

So, Yang and Garcia hope that they will be “ranked” in the top two choices, potentially giving either one of them the best chance to secure the primary victory.


When asked about this, Adams told the media that “they want to prevent a person of color from winning.”

Upon hearing this, Yang didn’t dignify the comment, comically stating, “I’ve been Asian all my life.”

Of course, the skin color of the candidate should not matter at all. But, it seems Adams think it does matter to NYC voters — so much so, he’s willing to state that two non-white candidates are actually, not people of color.

Now, in the grand scheme of things, who really cares?

Well, it’s just a subtle reminder that the entire ethos of the left is a never-ending journey of victimhood. Each time a minority finds success, they’re “demoted” from being a minority, and accused of being “white” or “white adjacent” or helping keep a true person of color from succeeding.

It’s all crapola, as my Italian-American friends might say. Or is that a Spanish word? Who knows. Life is so much simpler when you simply see all Americans as, well, just Americans.



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