Taylor Lorenz, America's Online Bully, Gets the Twitter Files Treatment

In previous installments of the Twitter Files, we’ve gotten a special look at the special access that members of the U.S. government had into back channels at Twitter HQ, giving them the ability to coordinate efforts to silence tweets and users they didn’t like.


But, we’re now getting a look into how very special people outside of government also had very special access to the backrooms of Twitter, and one of those very special people was none other than our very favorite online bully, Taylor Lorenz.

Journalist Paul Thacker has the latest installment of the Twitter Files out this morning, and Lorenz is at the center of this one. A woman responsible for bullying social media users was able to get the people who pushed back banned because she had direct contacts at Twitter to get her dirty work done. It all looks incredibly coordinated, according to Thacker’s reporting.

Of course, we’re no strangers to reporting on Lorenz’s antics here, but this bit of reporting shows just exactly how Twitter either caved to her demands or actively worked with her to ban “problematic” people.

After Lorenz reported @fearthefloof, Twitter executives looked for possible violations of rules, but apparently found none, concluding the account was “generally healthy and mostly conversational or commentary in nature.” Nonetheless, the account was suspended for violating “Twitter media policy.”

The @fearthefloof tweets on Lorenz were then published on this website. I asked Lorenz by email to identify any false tweets by the account, but she did not respond.

Digging through Twitter’s files, I discovered other examples where Twitter granted Lorenz special privileges. After Tucker Carlson did a brief March 2021 Fox News segment deriding Lorenz’s penchant for labeling criticism of herself as “harassment,” one Twitter official alerted colleagues to monitor tweets about the Post columnist—“We need to be careful with her.”


“We need to be careful with her.” Yikes.

Thacker also notes in his reporting that there appears to be a high level of coordination between Lorenz’s sources, Lorenz herself, and Twitter, and seems to imply that there was some “you scratch my back…” action going on there.

It’s a well-known fact that Lorenz is an activist LARPing as a journalist, and it’s been pretty obvious for a while that she isn’t just “reporting” on the problematic people she covers, she’s trying to get them silenced. But this morning’s Twitter Files show that we’re well-beyond a one-woman mission to silence people she doesn’t like. She had an entire social media company and major activist groups working in concert with her to make it happen.

Thacker’s reporting also confirmed that Lorenz’s manner of “reporting” is really just pushing a narrative, as we see in this little tidbit from Thacker, in which Lorenz harasses a minor to try and get her to spill some dirt on one of her targets. When the minor doesn’t give her the information she wants, she gets “pissed.”


And yet, the Washington Post hired this woman. They had to be aware of her controversial reporting methods, which weren’t exactly secret before, but it’s now pretty irrefutable that she’s a hack who shouldn’t be near any newsroom that purports to be an honest one.


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