Ted Lieu Tries to Tie Gas Stove Debate to Abortion, Hopes People Can’t Think Critically

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

Congressman Ted Lieu is usually a pretty good example for those who think politicians should be on social media less, and yesterday was no exception as he decided to hop into the conversation about gas stoves.


Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted a good point about the gas stove debate, arguing that the government inserting itself into our kitchens is a horrible idea.

There have been multiple progressives trying to tie this argument to the abortion issue, and while some of them may at least be clever in how they tie the two together (it is the opinion of this writer that they are not correct, but at least some of them are making substantive arguments), Lieu is not one of them. His response is absolutely foolish.

As a journalist, it would be irresponsible of me to just flatly claim Lieu is wrong, that the government isn’t mandating pregnancies, without doing any research at all on the subject. So I did my due diligence, did the research, and found zero (0) examples of any level of U.S. government (federal, state, or local) that mandates pregnancies. What I did find were several laws on the books that did say if you’re pregnant, you can’t terminate because that child is a life.


But Lieu is not clever enough to make a substantive argument. He instead makes a laughable attempt at a dunk and falls on his face. Hard.

It once again must be clarified for the incredibly silly partisans that the Supreme Court did not ban abortions. It left that decision up to the states. And the states have acted accordingly. Some have banned it, some have allowed it, and some have even expanded it. But there is no law mandating you have to be pregnant. Even the nuclear family activists aren’t calling for that because it’s nuts.

But this type of mindless rhetoric is what the Democrats have at the federal level because they really can’t do anything about it. So they’ll just give silly talking points that keep their fans happy but really don’t make sense when you think about them for more than five seconds (which is a generous amount of time, but alas).


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