Poll: Three-Quarters of Republicans Want Ronna McDaniel Gone

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A poll from late December seems to show what a lot of conservative activists have known all along – Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel should no longer be in charge.


The poll, which was conducted by Trafalgar for the group Convention of States Action, showed that almost 75 percent of Republican voters think that the RNC should find a new chairperson to lead the organization, while just over 5 percent said the RNC should stick with McDaniel. More than 20 percent of voters weren’t sure what the RNC should do.

What’s more, 68 percent of voters feel the RNC was ineffective in getting Republicans elected in November 2022, implying that the organization is at least partially to blame for the party’s failure to secure the Senate and a more comfortable majority in the House.

Of course, voters aren’t just blaming McDaniel and the RNC, as around 63 percent of voters also feel the GOP and its congressional leadership were also ineffective in getting the party across the finish line last year.

Both groups are currently under fire, however.

McDaniel, in particular, is facing a very public campaign to get her ousted from the top spot at the RNC, where she has served longer than any other chairperson and has also overseen multiple losing election cycles. McDaniel’s challenger, Harmeet Dhillon, has been very vocal about seeing the need for change, and has already laid out her vision for the RNC in 2023 and beyond.

Outside of DC there’s a whole host of talent just waiting to be tapped. One of my ideas is decentralizing the Republican National Committee … out of DC and into America. This is day 16 of my race for RNC chair and I already have hundreds of applicants for jobs at the RNC, and these are people who have jobs but want to do something to help their country. And so we’re all pulling together.


Decentralizing isn’t just bad for McDaniel – it’s bad for a lot of the RNC top brass, who have consolidated power within the central committee. That’s what leads to things like thinking you can spend donor money willy-nilly on a lot of unnecessary purchases and think it’s completely normal.

The RNC’s insulated bubble has become a liability for the party as it fails to move into the future and make the necessary changes to take back control from the Democrats. We’re seeing the same thing happen in Congress as some conservatives attempt to force change in House leadership over failures to actually lead and move forward.


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