The Hunter Biden Defense Force Has Been Activated, and It's a Chaotic Mess

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As incoming House Republicans plan to launch investigations into Hunter Biden (and, through him, President Joe Biden), apparently there is a group of people who like and support Hunter Biden and plan to help launch a counterattack against the GOP.


That’s according to a Washington Post report out Saturday that details the divided, uncertain effort to defend the President’s son.

Hunter Biden’s friend and lawyer Kevin Morris was blunt in laying out his thoughts at a strategy session last September on an expected onslaught of investigations by House Republicans: It was crucial, he suggested, for Hunter Biden’s camp to be more aggressive.

Morris, at the meeting in his California home, described defamation lawsuits the team could pursue against the presidential son’s critics, including Fox News, Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani. He outlined extensive research on two potential witnesses against Hunter Biden — a spurned business partner named Tony Bobulinski and a computer repairman named John Paul Mac Isaac.

I am sure you’ll all be happy to know that David Brock has decided he needs to launch a new group in order to defend Hunter Biden.

“They feel that there is a whole counternarrative missing because of the whole Hunter-hater narrative out there,” said liberal activist David Brock, who attended the meeting. “What we really got into was more the meat of it, the meat of what a response would look like.” Brock was planning for a new group, Facts First USA, focused on fighting the looming House GOP investigations.

Hunter Biden
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While these are aggressive measures being considered, the White House and the Democratic National Committee are also planning their strategies. However, they think that lower-profile counters are the best course of action.


The Morris/Brock strategy of going all-out with a high-profile defense would appear to be a problem for most Democrats, who think it’s better for the party to dismiss the investigations as little more than a partisan effort to troll the Biden administration. It seems like a bad idea, to some in the Democratic Party, to put Hunter front and center in the defense.

Not that I would mind Hunter’s defense being a high-profile, spotlight-commanding effort. The more light that would shine on Hunter, the better for the Republicans. It’s almost like it’s an effort meant to help Republicans. I say go for it, Morris and Brock.

Now, while these groups have their own plans going on, two more groups have also started laying out a plan to counter the GOP investigations. The Congressional Integrity Project (CIP) and Courage for America (CFA) are working together to create an “accountability war room” to fight back against the GOP on this and other issues.

All of this will be fun to watch. Multiple groups with multiple strategies that all conflict with each other? Why, it’s almost enough to make me forget the GOP has the exact same dysfunction going on. At least both parties are horrendously divided and screwed up.


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