When It Comes to Big Tech, We're Living in a Digital Wild West

The Magnificent Seven (2016 version). (Credit: Columbia/YouTube)

I love a good western.

I’m particularly fond of The Magnificent Seven (the original with Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen and the remake with Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt). There is something to be said for watching the little guy take on the rich and powerful, those who use their money and influence to attempt to sway things forever in their favor. It almost never works out for them in the movies.


These are big industry guys, politicians, and terrified lawmen, all working hand-in-hand to protect their interests. It’s a common trope, and those tropes in entertainment aren’t just made up out of thin air. There’s usually some real-life basis for them. This is standard human behavior for people in power and, more importantly, for people terrified of losing power.

Consider the traditional Railroad Plot you see in these types of movies. These are my favorite because you aren’t watching a hero take on an evil or chaotic force. You’re watching them take on some business tycoon who is calm, collected, strategic, and powerful. They are the type of person who amasses the wealth, status, and power they have because they have worked with ruthless efficiency to attain it. And, as if usually the case, there is at least one cowboy out there who finds himself in a position where they just can’t walk away from the business tycoon’s plans because it would hurt the people or town they love.

It isn’t that the town is terribly offensive in any real, meaningful way. The town, in the tycoon’s eyes, stands in the way of progress. And, time and again, progress is impeded by people who like things the way they are, who want their lives undisturbed. They want to progress at their own rate, have their own ideas and beliefs, and not be part of someone else’s plans.


Frankly, it sounds a little familiar when you think about the history of a place like RedState.

And, while I’m not saying we at RedState are similar in heroic feats to the Magnificent Seven (although Brandon Morse does have very Pratt-like features*), what I am saying is that there are powers that be that are using their money and influence to try and maintain the status quo in their favor.

The Democrats, the media, and Big Tech have all come together to do just that. The Democrats are quite terrified of losing power (and, frankly, they should be). They are now emphatic that everyone who supports conservatism is a fascist, supports authoritarians, and is probably a Nazi. They work tirelessly to delegitimize anything you or I believe.

The media has done everything it can to run interference for the Democrats, and while it hilariously hasn’t done much to stop the coming red wave, that fact seems to have made them want to double down. They will cover virtually any issue as they continue to write their resistance porn narratives time and time again.

And, of course, Big Tech works to amplify them while they suppress you and me and the folks on our side. Try as we might, repeated attempts by social media, search engines, and other corporations in the tech world work on a 24/7 clock to find some reason to keep us in check. Their excuses range from “misinformation” to “harassment” and many, many excuses in between.


We are constantly accused of being extreme, but more and more we see the evidence that it’s the Democrats who are extreme, and they are shifting to becoming a very, very exclusive club.

Whenever you have those old western stories, it’s always the Bad Guys who are trying to homogenize the town. They want it to be exclusively them and their allies. They do not like differences of opinion, opposition to their ideas, and criticism of their practices. That is the Internet that the Democrats and their allies constantly dream of.

What they essentially want is their own, twisted digital utopia. One where all thought and every idea are uniform. They don’t like the idea of opposition or any challenge to their authority.

But, alas, here we are, standing athwart the tycoons and politicians and cowardly lawmen, making a stand for the place we love: America.

That’s why we’re asking you to stand with us. We can exist in our space without their interference. But, like the townsfolks uniting behind the lone cowboys of old, we’re asking you to stand with us by becoming a VIP subscriber.

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*Sorry, ladies. He’s married.


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