John Harwood Shills for Inflation Reduction Act Without Mentioning Inflation

AP Photo/Ron Harris

John Harwood, the Democratic representative from CNN, is attacking Marco Rubio for calling the Inflation Reduction Act a “garbage bill” by listing all of the Democratic Party’s pet projects addressed by the bill.


Conspicuously absent from his shilling for the bill was any reference to the actual act of inflation reduction.

I am reminded of the time Harwood’s CNN colleague Chris Cillizza famously said journalists don’t root for a side.

As discussed earlier, the Congressional Budget Office has not even had a chance to score the complete bill, and what they have scored shows significant increases in deficit spending. It could also cost the U.S. economy 30,000 jobs. What’s more, even Bernie Sanders is acknowledging that the bill doesn’t actually affect inflation.


The Democrats continue to rush through the bill, and are closing in on final passage in the Senate. This must be very exciting for Harwood. Not so much for the majority of Americans who are actually worried about inflation.

This is CNN.



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