It's Okay to Ignore the Law for Abortion, but God Help You If You Legally Own a Gun

As we gear up for the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade, we’re seeing exactly what both the draft opinion of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling called for and what the founders intended from the start: that issues not expressly defined in the Constitution — like abortion — should be left up to the states.


Pro-abortion activists are gathering in Washington D.C., expecting the ruling to go against them.

The result of the potential ruling, which we could see as soon as today, was that several states (including my own state of Louisiana) set up trigger laws that would go into effect as soon as Roe v. Wade is overturned, while other more progressive states set up abortion sanctuaries. This is all well and good. Let the matter be up to the states, and respect the laws of each state.

However, as one can expect from the pro-abortion movement, there are efforts underway to undermine those state laws that restrict abortion. Via National Review:

When Texas lawmakers were crafting the state’s Heartbeat Act last year, Representative Stephanie Klick heard rumblings from abortion advocates of a work-around to enable women to get an abortion even after a fetal heartbeat was detected. Their solution: mail-order abortion pills.

“One of the things that we were beginning to hear online when the Heartbeat bill was being debated was, ‘Oh, we’ve got a backdoor. We can just send these pills in the mail to get around that,’” Klick, a Republican, recalled of efforts to circumvent the state’s new law.

Pro-life lawmakers like Klick responded with Senate Bill 4, or the “No Mail-Order Abortions” bill, which, among other things, made it a felony in Texas to send abortion pills through the mail. The bill, which went into effect on December 1, also provided extradition powers that, in theory, allow authorities to bring out-of-state violators back to Texas for prosecution.


The problem with mail-order abortion is that it isn’t some quick and easy process. It forces the uterus to contract and expel the child growing inside, and can often lead to complications that could end up being severe.

While pro-abortion activists paint the chemical abortion process as safe and easy, mifepristone is associated with a variety of adverse effects, including fever, nausea, vomiting, cramping, and heavy bleeding, as well as more serious side effects like hemorrhaging and septic shock.

Taking the pills after 13 weeks can lead to an incomplete abortion, and abortion pills won’t end an ectopic pregnancy — a pregnancy outside the womb, typically in a fallopian tube — that can be life-threatening if not diagnosed and properly treated.

A report last month on the feminist website The 19th described the sometimes excruciating pain that some women endure after taking abortion pills. “I was not prepared for how much pain I would be in,” one woman said of her experience. “I went through a huge deal of pain physically. I was nauseous nonstop.” Another woman told the outlet that her chemical abortion was “the most painful experience I’ve ever had in my life.” She told her boyfriend “I just want to die.”

Supreme Court Abortion
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Originally, U.S. regulations allowed for the use of such medication within the first 49 days of pregnancy. In 2011, the FDA under the Obama administration expanded that to 70 days. But the mail-order business makes it trickier. How does one truly, properly verify that someone ordering this pill is going to take it properly, is within an “appropriate” time frame, etc.?


Internet and mail-order abortion is a dangerous game to play for the life of the mother (not to mention, the child inside).

Meanwhile, if you legally own a gun — which is a right guaranteed in the Second Amendment of the Constitution — you can expect Democrats across the country to never stop trying to take that right away from you. You know what you don’t hear about in this whole process though? Legal, responsible gun owners trying to undermine local and state laws.

If there is an anti-gun law, they will challenge it in the courts. There isn’t some massive grassroots activist network that will ship AR-15s to people in California just to stick it to the man. The only gun trafficking of that kind is typically for people who intend to do something nefarious with said guns. Responsible gun owners follow the law.

The pro-abortion cult, though, doesn’t care about all that. They don’t care about laws. They only care about the murder of unborn children because they are obsessed with a right that never existed in the first place. It was always derived from an implied right of an implied right. That the Founders intended such issues to be taken up by the states matters just as much to them as the actual, explicitly-stated right to keep and bear arms. They don’t think the system as it was established is legitimate, and they want to defy it at every turn.




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