All of This Is Just a Series of Media Distractions

Somewhere along the way, we all lost the plot.

We focused on Biden’s plan to enable OSHA to mandate vaccines in private businesses, but when you actually look around… you don’t see that story advancing at all. Meanwhile, the Biden administration killed an innocent man and a handful of children. A week later, we are still talking about the former and not really discussing the latter.


We focused on a blown-up submarine deal involving Australia and France, but while that dominated headlines we continued to get no answers on Americans and allies still trapped in Afghanistan.

We focused on a false media narrative about Border Patrol and the whips they definitely didn’t use in pursuit of illegal immigrants at the border. Meanwhile, POLITICO just comes out and says “By the way, looks like the Hunter Biden laptop story was true!” and there are crickets from the media and the left.

We continue to focus on things like the Emmys, the Met Gala, and events like that while ignoring stories that have actual, real-world consequences. The Democrats stripped financial aid for Israel’s Iron Dome, a purely defensive system, because their far-left members oppose Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorists with black market missiles. The Biden team is cutting off all access to the media. Time and again, these issues go largely unquestioned by the media, who will instead focus on meaningless issues.

This is all intentional, though. They want you to be distracted by the nonsensical stuff because the real stuff is much more terrifying. Does not funding the Iron Dome move the political needle at all? No, but helping to fund it is the morally right thing to do for our allies.

It’s when all these little things get the coverage they should be getting that Americans start to see just how inept the Biden administration is. There are signs that they are noticing it – the Iowa poll from earlier this week has Biden way underwater, and the RealClearPolitics average has him a few points underwater. But the big issues are not getting the coverage they should be. We should be asking every day the exact number of people still trapped in Afghanistan. We should be asking about why Democrats would strip that Iron Dome funding. We should be asking why the media treated the Hunter Biden laptop story with such callous indifference.


Yes, you and I know the answers here, but the public needs to have it on the record. It needs to be out there every day. If the media’s job is to hold truth to power, then that’s what they should be doing.

…But they aren’t. They won’t. That is the sad, pathetic reality, and that is why we have to keep pressing these issues.


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