Will Afghanistan Devolve Into Warring States?

Will Afghanistan Devolve Into Warring States?
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The Warring States period of China ultimately created the basic foundation of the national identity of the Chinese for centuries.

Several small kingdoms fought for control, and ultimately the Han Dynasty would be established after a brief period of rule from an overly harsh kingdom. The Han Dynasty would eventually be how the Chinese identified themselves. They were Han Chinese or just Han. Over time, a lot of how China developed had its origins during the Han period.

But they were a response to the Warring States period, which was far more chaotic. Multiple factions vying for control in China. War was bloody and cruel, and it seemed like it would never end.

With the absence of an American presence in Afghanistan, I get the feeling we’re looking at another Warring States-type period in the Middle Eastern country. The only problem is that there does not appear to be any civilizational Renaissance at the end of it.

The Taliban is currently holding the country, and there are reports that they are on their way to re-imposing the strict, anti-woman measures they ran in the country before. Meanwhile, al Qaeda is apparently on the rise there. A splinter of ISIS, known as ISIS-K, is also moving in.

ISIS-K apparently wants Afghanistan for itself. There could be fighting between the two groups. Who knows how al Qaeda might fit into the equation, but there has always been some deep animosity between various factions of Islam, and they aren’t known for settling their differences with words.

I don’t now that things will break out into a factional war in Afghanistan, but considering that we left a ton of weapons and military equipment over there, if it does escalate, it will turn very bloody. And all that blood will be on Joe Biden’s hands, along with the blood of people who are being beaten by Taliban forces as they simply try to evacuate. The country is in chaos because of a sudden and completely avoidable vacuum of power created when Biden withdrew our forces without a real plan.

There was no plan to get tens of thousands of Americans and valid refugees out of the country. There was no plan for easing our way out while still propping up the Afghanistan government and military for a time. There was simply a capitulation to the Taliban. The original agreement with the Taliban is admittedly not Biden’s fault, but you cannot blame the botched, horrific withdrawal on Trump when he is no longer the guy in charge.

The intelligence community is dropping leaks to the media in response, letting everyone know that Biden had the information necessary to make a rational plan. to withdraw our forces. He chose not to listen to the right people, and now the country is in chaos.

And if the polling is any indication, the voters will be voicing a lot of displeasure with the Democrats in 2022.

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