Allow Me to Explain Chuck Schumer's Bizarre "Plant-Based Beer" Tweet

Allow Me to Explain Chuck Schumer's Bizarre "Plant-Based Beer" Tweet
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Last night, a lot of people were watching the Oscars (including RedState’s Brad Slager, who was live blogging the event as it was happening last night), as the event attracted a lot of commentary on social media. It spawned multiple social media trends on the awards, the fashion, and the movies that were up for nomination.

Perhaps the most bizarre commentary of the night came from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who tweeted this oddly-phrased declaration from what appears to be a small living room or large home office space.

Naturally, most of Twitter was confused at what appeared to be the Senate’s top Democratic losing his mind on social media, but there was actually an explanation.

No, the United States government is not poorly hiding the existence of an animal-based beer, as the tweet would imply. Rather, Schumer was apparently making fun of former President Donald Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who went on a rant on television and said the Democrats would force us to drink “plant-based beer.”

This was reported by the Huffington Post, and I only stumbled across it via Reddit. I have not seen anyone really talking about it, and that was the only mainstream-ish coverage the rant seemed to have gotten. However, it would appear that someone in Schumer’s office came across the story and thought it would be a stellar jab at Kudlow, so the whole thing was set up.

But, if you look at Schumer’s photo, there are some greater concerns that I think need to be addressed. First and foremost, that is entirely too close to the TV for someone Schumer’s age, as well as for someone who is already wearing glasses. That is just asking for eye problems, and when you’re one of the most important people in the Senate (behind Mitch McConnell and Joe Manchin), you need to be able to read the legislation coming through your chamber.

I’m also greatly concerned with Schumer’s furniture. The kitchen chair should be in the kitchen. You are the Senate Majority leader. You can afford an office chair. Please return that chair to the kitchen where it belongs. It doesn’t even look like it has great lumbar support. You need to think about these things.

But most important in all this is how stupidly inside-baseball this tweet as a whole is. There are a ton of political insiders, pundits, and others who had no idea what this tweet was talking about. There were several questioning comments from people who live and breathe politics and had no idea what this was referencing. And, it’s pretty obvious Kudlow misspoke — clearly he meant to say “plant-based beef” instead of “plant-based beer” — which makes the mockery kind of sad. You save the good dunks for when someone is just ignorant, not when they say the wrong word on accident. No one believes the Democrats are going to ban animal-based beer, or even that such a thing exists.

Whoever thought this tweet was a good idea needs to be sat down in a conference room and have it explained to them that this is unacceptable. And whoever hired this person should be forced to hear it, as well.

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