Kamala Harris Has No Principles, and That's What Makes Her Frightening

Kamala Harris/AP featured image
Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., listens as Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden introduces her as his running mate at Alexis Dupont High School in Wilmington, Del., Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


There are several strategic reasons to have picked Kamala Harris. She provides Biden with a surrogate who can carry on the fight in his absence — an absence that we should expect more of — and she will be able to provide a bit of comfort to the Democratic establishment, who is worried about Biden’s ability to campaign and win.

But as strategically valuable as Harris is on Biden’s ticket, she is also stunningly devoid of any guiding principle. The media proclaims her to be a moderate voice, which is directly contradicted by the very platform she ran on during her campaign for President — a campaign that was, in fact, run entirely by loud voices on social media.

Harris began her political career as a prosecutor and spent her time going after black men over marijuana offenses and single black mothers over truancy violations. Her office ignored exculpatory evidence in an effort to keep her conviction numbers up.

She was the “law and order” prosecutor in California, but only sought to maintain law and order against black citizens. Powerful white citizens were immune because they could help her advance her career. She wanted to go to Washington D.C., after all.

In the Senate, she used her position to swiftly shift to the cause of social justice. She was suddenly big on racial justice, despite her time as a prosecutor in California. She favored a religious test to determine if a potential federal judge was qualified for the job, and voted against that person as a result.


Ironically, her only consistency as a political figure became apparent when it comes to determining a person’s guilt. Black men accused of marijuana crimes and white men accused of sexual assault are guilty no matter what evidence does or does not exist. Mind you, Kavanaugh wasn’t the only instance of this. She was also a supporter of Biden’s accuser.

As a Presidential candidate, she accused Biden of being a sympathizer with racists and attacked him viciously over busing. She was for Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All plan, then was against it. She modified it a bit so she could attack Sanders for going too far and Biden for not going far enough. Once an opponent of marijuana legalization, she then endorsed it. She is for sanctuary cities now, but in 2008 supported reporting arrested minors to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She was for the death penalty before she was against it.

She switches positions to whatever is most expedient, and during her campaign for President, her positions changed seemingly based on her social media feedback. The louder the voices cried, the quicker she changed her mind. Her entire campaign was run by Twitter. Small wonder she could be taken out by Tulsi Gabbard and ended her campaign before Super Tuesday.

If Harris has any guiding force, it isn’t principle. It is naked ambition. And if Joe Biden wins he is essentially handing her the keys to the White House. Sure, this is frightening to conservatives, but there are more than a few progressives who are uneasy with Harris as Biden’s running mate. At a time when progressive sentiment is against police officers, she herself is practically a cop.


Most of these progressives will still vote for Biden, mind you. They aren’t going to drop their fight against Donald Trump simply because Harris scares them. But they are not happy, and they are losing faith in the Democratic Party’s ability to truly represent them. If Biden, an old, white man who has been in power forever, and Harris, who is essentially a cop, are the best the Democratic Party can do, they might just bail before much longer.

Harris scares them. Harris scares conservatives. It could very well be that this fear keeps Biden out of the White House come November.


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