Is This Biden's Running Mate? Susan Rice Dumps Netflix Stock

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FILE – In this July 7, 2016, file photo, then-National Security Adviser Susan Rice follows then-President Barack Obama across the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, to board Marine One. On Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018, Rice said she’ll decide after the midterm elections whether to run for the Senate from Maine in 2020. Rice is weighing whether to try to unseat Republican Sen. Susan Collins, whose decision to support Brett Kavanaugh was key to his confirmation to the Supreme Court. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)


We’re nearing the most recent deadline the Biden campaign has set for a Vice Presidential pick, and there is speculation now that the choice has been made.

Susan Rice is an investor and director at Netflix, the top video streaming service in the U.S., and part of her deal with the company was stock options that she has now apparently decided to exercise. That tidbit broke yesterday. This comes via Allahpundit over at HotAir.

Here’s the relevant tweets that he identified.

There is a caveat here, in that this type of move is something that has to be organized and approved by the SEC.

This is by no means a surefire tell that Rice has the nod. However, a quick look at her Wikipedia page history shows that there’s been a lot of activity to clean it up. I’ve mentioned in the past how the open-source encyclopedia can be a big tell, though up until recently Kamala Harris’ page was being furiously edited by a single account, indicating someone out there thought she needed to be presented in the best possible light.


Rice’s Netflix divesting could be a sign she got the nod, but it could also be a sign she’s ready to move on to something else. What is curious though is the timing along with the clean-up of her Wikipedia page. It’s been more active than Harris’.

There has been a ton of media coverage of Rice and Rep. Karen Bass, but Bass does not appear to have a chance if the number of hits dropping on her is any indication.

But, you know what else may have Biden ready to pick now? The fact that he’s been taking an absolute beating in his media appearances lately, and there isn’t enough progressive journalist cover out there to make him look any better after the gaffes he’s let loose this week. Picking a woman of color for his running mate right now will all but stop people from focusing on his public comments.

If Biden is looking for someone to take the edge off his public missteps, Rice is not the worst choice. She is a known “team player” and has been tight in the Obama world’s orbit since the former President left office. While Kamala Harris might be a better fighter for Biden’s team, Rice would be a more calming presence. This Netflix stock dump might be the beginning of her dumping conflicts of interest so she can make a “conflicts of interest” play against Trump.

It is likely that, given Biden’s controlled and rare media appearances, the bulk of the public campaigning could be done by Rice, giving her a more “reassuring mother” presence than Harris would be able to. That could be big in a time where there is a lot of uncertainty and a lot of worry that things will only continue to get worse.


Maybe end of business today will be an interesting one. We could have a running mate for Biden and a lot of shifting of campaign strategy as a result of it. Then again, this could all be signs pointing toward nothing. One thing that is definitely certain is that this campaign season continues to be nothing short of chaotic and unpredictable.


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