Where Justice Begins And Anarchy Begins

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The death of George Floyd has resonated loudly on both sides of the aisle. There is very little dissent (outside the extremes) that what happened to Floyd was nothing short of horrific. There has even been bipartisan support for the protests that have started forming across the country.


And, as I said last week, the anger is understandable. Decades of police brutality and a justice system that does not always treat everyone with impartiality have created an atmosphere of unrest. You cannot ignore the past centuries of racism and mistreatment, and you cannot ignore the impacts that it has even today.

All of that said, however, there are two protests going on in the streets of American cities.

The first protest is the one we understand. The one that is fed up with the system and how the deck has been stacked for so long against minorities – especially in the black community. These protests have been largely peaceful, and we see a lot of support for them. Even some police officers have voiced their support, offering hands in prayer and solidarity.

This protest is the one we expect. It should be encouraged. The right of the people to peaceably assemble is one that is guaranteed to us via the First Amendment of the Constitution. The second protest, however, is not one that we should appreciate or accept.

With groups like the self-styled “Antifa” preying on social justice movements in order to spread chaos and anarchy, it is becoming clearer by the day that many of these protestors are really just anarchists who want to destroy the whole system indiscriminately. Their goal, it appears, is to literally raze the landscape and start over.


Because of their radical and violent behavior, businesses are burning. Churches have been set on fire. Monuments have been defaced. Looting has taken the place of marching. It has become a problem for more than law enforcement. These buildings, which house white-owned and black-owned businesses, are being destroyed and leaving the owners in financial trouble and the employees without jobs.

Who is that helping, exactly?

This isn’t a search for justice or racial harmony. This isn’t a solution to the problem of systemic racism and police brutality. This is simply anarchy, and it is doing way more harm than good.


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