Here Are Just a Few of the Times the Media Were Gleeful That People Got Sick or Died During This Outbreak

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Vice President Mike Pence looks on as White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx speaks to reporters during a press conference Monday, March 2, 2020, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

Over the course of this COVID-19 outbreak, the media has been fairly consistent in one thing: attempting to use anything and everything to pin the blame on President Donald Trump. Their devotion to being a resistance rather than a fair and honest media has been nothing short of shameful, and it has even gotten so bad on several occasions that they seem rather gleeful that people are actually getting sick and dying during this outbreak.

Now, aside from the suspenseful, and somewhat gleeful, reporting of the ever-increasing number of sick and dead, there are a few specific examples that the media has been all too happy to report on, even as it has eventually blown up in their faces.

Let’s take a moment to review some of these instances of shameful bias.

1. The CPAC Case

Not too long ago, though it feels like ten years or so, there was a reported case of the novel coronavirus in a CPAC attendee. This particular attendee ended up in the vicinity of several prominent politicians, including Trump himself. CPAC is not an event that really gets a whole lot of media coverage, primarily because the media doesn’t really care about them. But, when this case was reported, it was on every network, with reporters chasing down every lead trying to figure out who it was and how close they came to getting Trump sick.


They were hoping for a massive outbreak. There was speculation that all these conservative activists would become sick with this disease and it would be proof the conservatives who follow Trump didn’t believe in the risks and they would be justified in attacking Trump and his supporters for not taking it seriously.

And then… nothing. The story died. It turns out that there was no major outbreak among the attendees of the conference, and no prominent figures ended up sick because of it. As quickly as CPAC became a national headline, it disappeared again.

2. China’s Great Numbers

On a near-constant basis, we are seeing journalists praising China’s handling of the outbreak, even though we pretty much know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Chinese Communist Party has been lying from the get-go.

It seems like a daily occurrence that someone, somewhere, publishes a story talking about the Chinese response to the pandemic versus the U.S. response. At no point do any of these reporters appear to lend any credence to the idea that China may be lying. They are just taking their numbers — and the World Health Organization’s propaganda — as verified truth.

My sincerest hope is that these journalists are on China’s payroll. If they are, that would mean they are simply selling their pens and getting something out of it. My fear, though, is that they are so anti-Trump/anti-America/anti-capitalist that they are doing this for free, and that is just insane. There is no evidence to show that China is doing anything admirable in this. They have lied and continued to lie. But, our national press is just eating this up.


3. The Fish Tank Cleaner Eaters

The Washington Free Beacon has been doing a stellar job covering the woman who gave her husband and herself “a teaspoon or so” of chloroquine, which she claims she did because Trump told her to. Her husband died and she was in critical condition.

The media paraded this woman’s story around as proof that Trump was endangering lives by touting the benefits of hydroxychloroquine, which is heavily regulated and prescribed by doctors. The chloroquine in fish tank cleaner, while chemically similar, is not to be consumed by people, primarily because that’s really stupid. Still, they told her story as a way of trying to dunk on Trump.

The woman’s story, however, doesn’t quite add up. Her husband was a brilliant engineer, and she didn’t tell him she was mixing the chemical into his drink. Now, it looks like the police are investigating her, as she has a history with domestic abuse (police were called to their home, where she had allegedly attacked her husband). Strangely, you don’t hear any major outlet really talking about this. They are, after all, really busy not asking Joe Biden about the alleged sexual assault he is accused of.

The Bottom Line?

The media wants this to continue to be a disaster. If it bleeds it leads… or, in this case, if it’s a pandemic and people are dying, it leads so long as it can be tied to Trump’s negligence.


Was the Trump administration’s response perfect? No. I think there are things that could have been done better. But at no point has the media done anything but harp on every negative point and try to bring Trump down with it. From incredibly stupid comparisons to the Vietnam War to shouting matches with Trump at his press briefings, they are obsessed with making this his. It’s not fair and it’s not helpful, but they don’t care. They just want to blame him.


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