CNN's Jake Tapper Challenges Media Narrative on Russian Interference

Jake Tapper attends Politicon at The Pasadena Convention Center on Saturday, Aug. 29, 2017, in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP)

One of the bigger stories of the last 24 hours has been the revelation that the Russians are planning to interfere in the American election process again and that it is definitely in President Trump’s favor. Several media outlets are pushing this story in conjunction with the story that Trump fired the Acting Director of National Intelligence over the report.


CNN’s Jake Tapper, however, spoke to his own sources in the national security community, and has more information that runs at least partially counter to the media narrative.

So right there, we see a problem that the information being put out there is not entirely accurate, drawing conclusions from information that is simply not in any intelligence report that’s been put together.


Putting in context the Russian preference for Trump, this actually makes more sense, though none of this rules out the general consensus that the Russians are interfering in U.S. elections. Rather than doing so in favor of one candidate over the other, however, it appears it is currently happening the way it did in 2016, and it is apparent that the Russians are content to sow general discord in the U.S. elections process.

Tapper also goes on to put more context on the disagreement between Trump and the ADNI.

In other words… Trump wasn’t made aware of any of this, and the intelligence community reports to him. To find out about it from someone on the House Intelligence Committee rather than from the intelligence community itself is a problem for Trump.


Hence, firing Maguire and looking for someone more in line with his thinking on how this process should work.

I’m going to include the last two tweets of Tapper’s thread, by the way, though I know it will draw more pro-Trump readers’ ire.

And while the first of the two tweets may sound accusatory to you… it’s objectively true. Trump has been replacing key officials in the intelligence community (and elsewhere) with more loyal figures, and while I could quibble with Tapper over the inclusion of the term “partisan,” the fact is that Trump is really just countering a lot of the partisanship he has experienced from the intelligence community since he became President.

It is, after all, his right as the chief executive to replace these security officials with those he prefers.

And, it is frankly undeniable to say that the Russians (and others) are attempting to interfere. They wish to disrupt the United States’ election process and, therefore, further divide the U.S. in an effort to weaken us. To think that malicious actors aren’t doing this is ignorance.


But the narrative that originally resulted from this briefing and the firing of the ADNI appears to be totally drawn from conclusions the intelligence we have simply does not support. Why wait for the Russians to divide us over fabricated online information when we can do it ourselves?



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