The Epic Ricky Gervais Monologue Should Be Heard by More Than Hollywood

Promotional image for the Golden Globes, NBC Network.

During the Golden Globes last night (which you can catch a pretty good recap of here), host Ricky Gervais gave a stunning and frankly epic opening monologue that tore down a lot of Hollywood’s wokeness and revealed it to be little more than hypocrisy on many of the stars’ parts. Here is just one minute of the bit, which cut right to the core of the liberal bastion’s problems.


Hollywood needs to hear that from one of its own every now and then. They need to be reminded that they are hypocrites when they lecture the rest of America (a country that the vast majority of them have very little in common with). They will ignore you and me when we say it because we are just common people. But to come from one of their own in the middle of them celebrating their achievements, it has to sting a little bit more.

But, this isn’t a column to re-hash what Hollywood experienced last night. Rather, I want many of the activists on the political left, from the politicians in Washington D.C. to the journalists and activists who believe the same far-left craziness and share the same absolute hatred of anything remotely conservative to pay attention to Gervais. They, just as much as Hollywood, have to realize just how out of touch they are with most of America.

Look at how Hillary Clinton ran her campaign in 2016. She won the popular vote, but lost the electoral vote. She did not run as far left then as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and others in the 2020 Democratic Primary are running today, and she lost. With the majority of the people who went out and voted siding with her, she lost because she was focusing on exactly the type of people that Hollywood and these activists focus on. The Clinton campaign was all about appealing to the big city liberals and completely ignored the needs of working-class Americans – people they simply couldn’t relate to.


As a result, she lost key Democratic states in the rust belt, and Virginia turned into a battleground state once again that evening.

Sanders, Warren, and the rest are running on issues that those same working-class Americans are terrified of, because it directly impacts their employment situation, which is at its best under President Donald Trump. Medicare For All, climate change executive action, attacking businesses at every turn, raising taxes, and so on… these are issues that will make a lot of these workers flee the Democratic Party and make the Republican president look that much more appealing.

So, while it may make them feel good to insult where America is right now and what it’s doing, these far-left personalities could not be more removed from the America they continue to lecture. They only believe that their views are mainstream because they are so far outside the mainstream that they can’t see anyone else. To the rest of us – those who work regular jobs and exist within regular society – there is nothing appealing about what they are lecturing us about (not to mention that lecturing is just such an unappealing form of persuasion anyway, but I digress).



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