Homestyle Podcast: Thanksgiving Cooking, Traditions, and More

As we’re a day away from Thanksgiving, no doubt everyone is working hard to get the final touches on their Thanksgiving feasts finished. I’m packed and ready to drive two hours north to stay with family, and many of you are probably planning the same thing if you’re not hosting this year’s festivities.


If you need some ideas, or just want to hear what other people like to do for Thanksgiving, then I invite you to listen to my new podcast, Homestyle. In this episode, Leigh Guidry (of The Daily Advertiser in Lafayette, Louisiana) and I talk about what we love most about the holiday, the best foods, and even activities to do with the family.

The podcast is the result of two friends who decided that more family, community, and positivity is what we all need right about now.

We’ve never been more connected, and we’ve never been further apart. So we are developing ways to reach out and build community with one another.

That’s the purpose of Homestyle. It’s a podcast from The Daily Advertiser that’s all about life, family and the stories they inspire. Two best friends — reporter Leigh Guidry and Lafayette Parish teacher Joe Cunningham — host, sharing their hobbies and ideas for family fun.

Joe loves to cook, and Leigh loves making crafts. They do these things to unwind and to create something beautiful or delicious (or both).


You can check out the Thanksgiving episode (and others) at the linked story above, and you can also subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify. Because Leigh and I feel strongly about building a community, we’re not creating just a social media page, either. We have created the Homestyle Podcast Facebook Group that you can join and share your recipes, crafts, and stories with.

For those of you who like Louisiana cooking, be sure to subscribe so you can check out next week’s episode, which is all about gumbo.


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