MSNBC's Chris Hayes Takes On His Own Network Over Harvey Weinstein

While I expect that very few people around these parts are huge fans of Chris Hayes, you do have to appreciate it when someone steps up and shows courage in the face of their employer’s negligence. In this particular case, Hayes gave a closing monologue on his show, All In w/ Chris Hayes, to discuss NBC News’ spiking of Ronan Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein story.


Hayes does take a swipe at President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, but notes that when it comes to ignoring the abuses of your own side, it’s not limited to Republicans.

As Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali notes in the tweet above, Hayes is doing this despite it being his own news network he’s speaking out against and the fact that at least one of the top guys as NBC News doesn’t seem to like him or his show.

Hayes is referring in this clip to Ronan Farrow’s new book, Catch and Kill, which details not only the story of Harvey Weinstein and other top abusers in the entertainment world (like NBC’s Matt Lauer), but the story of how NBC News pressured him to drop the story, afraid of the pressure that a powerful man like Weinstein could put on their company.

Farrow’s work in this area has been eye-opening to the abuses of women by men in power, and how much entire industries are willing to cover for in order to continue getting power, influence, and money. The reporting was so thorough that the supposed lack of evidence NBC News cited was apparently enough evidence to get people to turn on Weinstein, speak out against him, reveal his multitude of other abuses, and force him to flee public life.


Not sure what else NBC News actually needed.

Regardless, as good as Farrow’s reporting on the subject has been, it is good to see someone who is high profile under the NBC News banner taking a stand against the company’s cowardice in the face of an explosive and horrifying story like Weinstein’s.

Good on Chris Hayes for making the statement. I hope others at NBC follow his lead.


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