Joaquin Castro's Tweet Will Ensure Only Corporations Fund Politicians

One of the rallying points of the Democratic Party in the last several years has been around the Citizens United decision and working to once again limit the influence of big money in politics.


Lobbyists and big companies have always had some say, but with that Supreme Court decision, the Democrats claim that big business has unfettered access to the bank accounts – and therefore the ears – of politicians. As debatable as the claim may be, it is a weird one to make when, at the same time, your party is also trying to scare individual citizens away from making political donations.

That’s what Joaquin Castro’s outrageous tweet will end up doing, if it doesn’t get someone hurt (or worse).

There is a big push among the left to go after people who support the things and politicians they don’t like. Are donors public record? Yes. Is it relatively easy to find the information? Yes. Should they scare people away from making donations? Only if you want big businesses to make those donations from here on out.

It is really a lack of thinking this through long-term that makes this so strange. Do you want more or less corporate money in politics, because it’s stuff like this that is going to terrify people into just not donating anymore.


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